Test The rapid growth of Colorado Community College System

Test Assignment Business Process Management  Scaling of any organisation means the time, money and effort be expanded. The rapid growth of Colorado Community College System throughout the system of higher education is an acknowledgement for their success in offering various career and academic programs. Be that as it may, this additionally implies process was winding up more unmanageable and error-prone because of the sheer number of employees at each of the community colleges. One of the main challenges being that it was time consuming and tedious manual labour and the other major issues included, Inaccurate Data- manually filing, routing, and storing paper forms often lead to errors in data entry and misplaced forms.

These cost HR department hours to make amendments, to recover a lost timesheet or make with another one. The paper-based framework offered no solid method for knowing whether employees were had taken off and informed about the same. It came to notice that few employees were being paid out on leave they had taken however not revealed. There was no cumulative way to keep track of these events as logistics of transferring these data from paper and of different locations were a hassle. Also the HR personnel had no way to quickly or efficiently perform month-end HR reporting without excessive data entry, dealing with lost forms, or fielding employee inquiries.The biggest boon of BPM is that all these paperwork is now transferred online and there are not going to be any instances of lost forms, not keeping track of forms as the automated process electronically stores leave request and timesheet forms online where employees can quickly and easily fill them out and submit them to the HR department.The system guarantees that complete and right data is presented, the solicitations are prepared productively, and the HR department has clear, precise data on which to provide details regarding at the month-end.   The ability of the BPM solution to single handily bring down the tedious work of managing time compiling an tracking all the paper work and eliminating incorrect forms or information being submitted and updated have made the system at CCC’s function smoothly and effectively.

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The accessibility of having all these information online helps the employees too, to keep a track of their leave balances and payroll details.