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Ten tips for renting a car, what should you keep in mind?Renting a car during the holidays or on a business trip is becoming more common as a way of traveling. In summer period is when there is more supply and better prices can be obtained, but also when more scams or scams can occur.It is advisable to follow some tips to rent a car and avoid problems or be a victim of abuse.• Before starting to compare prices, it is desirable that you have more or less clear what type of vehicle you need since the rental companies offer a great variety of body styles and prices: small cars, seven seater vehicles, off-road vehicles, sports cars, vans …

• Read the fine print of the contract and find out everything that is included or not in the rental price so as not to take you scares: type of insurance, taxes, taxes, etc.• Keep in mind that many companies establish a minimum driver’s age or a particular driver’s license length to rent a model of their fleet. Find out before traveling to your destination, so you have time to look for alternatives. In the same way, if the vehicle is going to be driven by more than one person, the company will charge a surcharge.• The usual thing is to ask for a deposit or deposit that will be refunded at the time of the return of the vehicle and also usually ask for the credit card data as a guarantee in case you deliver the car in poor condition or do not deliver it. Ask the bank for the return of that receipt if the company does not justify these charges. Keep in mind that most companies do not accept debit cards as collateral.• Extreme caution when booking the rental car ‘s perform Internet.

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If you do it with enough time in advance, it is advisable to call the company when the date approaches to confirm the disposition of the car upon arrival at the destination.• It is desirable to hire a rental car without limiting mileage. If this is not possible, evaluate if it is more profitable to add kilometers to the planned route or pay afterward the kilometers that exceed those established in the contract. If the cost per kilometer is high, you may be interested in paying an extra to have unlimited mileage.• Pay attention to the insurance that includes the rental car. They usually are usually safe to third parties or full coverage with a franchise, which means that in case of causing any damage to the vehicle itself you will have to take care of all or some part of the costs as stipulated. If you hire franchise insurance, try not to exceed 300 euros and avoid renting a car with insurance only to third parties, because any hit sheet or damage will have to pay it out of pocket.

If you have the possibility and do not want problems, the most desirable option is the one of the insurance without excess.• So that they do not deceive you and make you pay a blow that you have not committed, it is essential that you carefully check the condition of the vehicle at the moment of delivery -both outside and inside- and that you report any damage that you observe, However small is. Check also the space of the trunk and if the radio works, the navigator ..

. It is highly recommended to take photographs from different angles of the vehicle in the parking area of the rental company, once delivered, since many times there is nobody from the company to check its status.• Check the fuel tank level and the return conditions. In general, the contract must specify the exact amount of fuel with which the vehicle must be delivered.• Other tips to keep in mind : maintain all the documentation some months after the end of the rental service; Check the cancellation costs before booking a vehicle, pick up or deliver the car with a margin of time to review it thoroughly and, if you want to save a few euros, better take your own updated browser.About us:When you plan that particular day, which is unrepeatable and unique, you do it thinking about getting in the best car, we have the best models for you to choose