Tecumseh’s mother or a father did not stop him

Tecumseh’s  Inspirational LifetimeThe inspirational person I chose, was a native american named Tecumseh or also known as Panther Springing across the Sky . According to Encyclopedia.com, “Tecumseh was born in 1768 and his parents were Methoatske who was a Creek and his father, Puckenshinewa who was a Shawnee.The  parents of Tecumseh were from different tribes, Who met when the two tribes met in 1750 when the Shawnee tribe looked for shelter with the Creeks.

In 1760 , the couple to Ohio and Tecumseh was the fifth child born to the couple.”One of the major obstacle in Tecumseh’s life was when his parents left him or could no longer be with him. His parental figure, Puckenshinewa, died in a confrontationbetween the Creeks and American people in 1774. The eldest son took over the tribe but it was hard since there was more fighting since more Americans came into the territory that the tribes claimed as their own.

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He felt bad I must assume, since he not only lost his father but the fighting kept going.According to Encyclopedia.com,” In 1779, their village received a direct attack with mounted militia directed by Col. John Bowen(Edmunds)” The Shawnee realized how vulnerable they were so they continued to migrate down the Ohio River. But many including Methoatske, Tecumseh’s mother ,continued to Missouri.Tecumseh was later raised by Chiksika and his oldest sister, Tecumpease(Edmunds)”So Tecumseh lost both of his parents but he kept going with the help of his siblings.

At this time Tecumseh was eleven. Now, how many eleven year olds could withstand losing both their parents in the  span of 5  years? I would describe that as grit.  He kept going , the fact that he had no mother or a father did not stop him from becoming a great warrior.I admire him for that and I wish that someday I can have the determination  of Tecumseh. Some of the major successes that Tecumseh had were mostly for the wellbeing of his tribe. Tecumseh wanted to  be a warrior , just like his brother was. He was really good with the musket and the bow even sometimes he organized mock battles between the tribes children(Edmunds).

When more Americans started coming and colonizing, the tribe had been forced to sign the Treaty of Greenville(Edmunds). Even though the native americans lost some land Tecumseh did not lose hope.He led his followers to Western Ohio and Indiana as to not comply with the Treaty, he just did not think it was right and wanted nothing to do with it. But it was not over. More Americans started coming in and pretty soon they had surrounded the tribes camp.

Eventually, with the new vast amount of people living in that area, food became scarce.Meanwhile, Tecumseh’s  younger brother Lalawethika, had a vision(Edmunds). Long story short, Lalawethika became a spiritual leader and changed his name to Tenskwatawa.

Anyway, in 1807, Tecumseh and Tenskwatawa received an invitation from  the tribe Potawatomi to Tippecanoe River. They accepted,  the two brothers and their followers to go live there,which was really good since there was no Americans and rival Native American tribes. This was a really good deal. But even that did not last long.

The Americans eventually expanded so much that that they crossed boundary lines even at the new settlement. Tecumseh realized that if they wanted to keep the ways of their Native American ancestors then something must be done.In other words, to keep their homelands and the rich culture from disappearing, action must be help against the expansion of the Americans. So he along with his prophet brother went from Prophetstown and south, speaking of how they “must  resist these resist these encroachments and return to the ways of their fathers”.He also said that it was only a matter of time when the when the Native Americans had to go to war with Americans.

He said it was necessary , let’s say, politically and military ,that the Native Americans join together so that they could defeat the Americans migrating in.  According to Encyclopedia.com,”He also mentioned that the British would be helping defeat the Americans and at their former way of life will be restored(Edmunds).Pretty soon Tecumseh had followers ,that were from  Native American tribes that  stretched from the Great Lakes to the Alabama (Edmunds). So Tecumseh  has past through  very hard times. He  lost both his parents but overall he was a very honorable Warrior. He cared about other people and he didn’t want to lose his way of life. So ,he suggests that the Native American people come together and fight the American people.

And it seems that Tecumseh is pretty driven on making the Americans back off or get away from their homelands. According to encyclopedia.com,”while Tecumseh was away with the southern tribes in,1811 American forces attacked Prophetstown and  the war between the United States and Great Britain was soon to follow. It was the War of 1812 at the Battle of Thames ,in October 8th 1813 that Tecumseh was killed(Edmunds).After the battle of many Native American bodies were mutilated by white men.

Whoever, Tecumseh’s body could not be identified.According to Encyclopedia.com,” It is believed that Coln.Richard M Johnson of the Kentucky militia was  believed to have been the one who killed the great Shawnee leader”. Fun fact ,that as his campaign for congress in the 1830s, Johnson used the slogan,”rumpey, dumpey, rumpey dumpey, Johnson killed Tecumseh(Edmunds)”.

Pretty messed up if you ask me. However, it is debated, but a plethora of people say, that they have killed Tecumseh in the Battle of Thames. Ad interim,it is after some deliberation, there could be a possibility that  the Shawnee Tribe maintained some more warriors  in the battlefield the night after the fight and recovered his body before it was mutilated. According to Encyclopedia.com,  the Shawnee tribe buried Tecumseh in a secret location. Afterall , they did the same for his father.

It is unknown if Tecumseh had any children.What we do know is that he was a great warrior and that he never gave up. Although Tecumseh fought against Americans, slothers of information was recorded about him.Many of that information tries linking  to the Americans.

For example ,that he was half- white, that  his skin was pale or one of his parents was American. Many of those information stored told stories about how he  had exaggerated  powers. One of them them was that he could predict the future. Also they exaggerated the amount of territory he had crossed to  unite his fellow  Native Americans  tribes(Edmunds). At the end of the day, this was all done to show how  a great leader he was.

Also  because he was the last major threat and obstacle to the Americans and their expansion towards the new land.