Technology and m-learning are interactive. In specific, mobility applications

Technology constantly evolves for a good
reason! In olden days, when mobile technology is a distant dream- learning is
merely limited to classrooms and to a narrow geographical location. But now, we
have entered a phase in which most of our regular activities can be carried out
online. Thanks to the internet technology.

Initially, e-learning has come into the
picture and helped us to overcome the geographical barriers in the learning
process.  As a result, learning is no more
confined to classrooms or a specific geographical location. Though e-learning
technology has become the biggest revolution at that time, it failed to provide
a comprehensive learning solution to the industry. Students and teachers
started facing issues with functionalities and design of e-learning portals.
So, m-learning has come into the picture to fill this gap.

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Be it e-learning or m-learning, ‘convenience’
and ‘comfort’ are the factors that motivate any learner to switch to a new
technology. E-learning mainly focuses on these factors and some other things
that have potential to revolutionize the e-learning system totally. So, let’s
discuss what mobility has in it for e-learning.


A credible mobility application enables
teachers, students, and institution to perform research, share knowledge and
initiate discussions on mobile devices to aid learning. The centralized data
available in mobility applications are accessible to students, teachers and
other participants irrespective of their location. Also, the institution can
make the best use of monitoring system to devise a learning roadmap and ensure
content credibility. In addition, mobility app prevents identity theft and
hence making exams foolproof.


Both e-learning and m-learning are
interactive. In specific, mobility applications support more interactive tools
when compared to e-learning portals. Hence, the student response is more with
mobility applications. For instance, mobile apps have a functionality named touch to write which is helpful in
reducing the stationary expenditure as well as makes learning more interesting
to the students.

On the other hand, educational institutions
can generate instant exam results using the interactive tool which is a big
time saver.


E-learning demands the best design in order to
convey the intended message to the learner. It is well-known fact that regular
textbooks contain repetitive designs which make it hard for the learner to focus
on the content. Mobile learning solutions mainly focus on simplifying learning
process by making it more appealing to the students. Hence, an m-learning
solution with an appealing design can motivate the students to learn better and
get better results irrespective of their geographical locations.


Teaching is not as simple as it sounds. It
involves hard work, planning, and better communication to get the best results.
Mobility applications simplify teaching methodology by making it sound more
like a game. Teachers can conduct quizzes, short tests, and tasks that turn
learning into a mere game. This practice radically changes the face of
conventional teaching methods for efficient results.

This gamification of teaching practices helps
teacher evaluate students’ performance at different levels.

Overall, mobility applications are more
interactive, user-friendly and efficient. The benefits discussed above are just
tip of the iceberg- mobility in e-learning has a long way to go! With the
growing demands, mobility in e-learning is seeing much progress and has the
potential to cater ever-growing technological demands in learning sector. So,
let’s embrace mobility.




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