“Tattoos in the principle cities of Australia, North America,

“Tattoos go beyond art and fashion; they reflect culturaland ethnic heritage”. In some places tattoos are consider as a symbol of culturalhistories. However, what happens in occidental societies? Are tattoos adeep-rooted cultural values? On the opposite, are tattoos consider as astylistic symbol? Good afternoon honorable judge, Ms. Maryam, and, of course,my most worthy opponents.

We are here to debate about representation oftattoos. I defend the position that tattoos are a symbolic of fashion and art,and that their representation of deep-rooted cultural and ethnic heritage ispart of the past.Nowadays, most of countries around the world blame tattoos,because they reflect humiliation of moral values. This type of thought wereincreasing due to that tattoos were recognized such as a characteristic of sailors,bikers and people who have a low moral behavior. Nevertheless, in the lastdecades, these thought changed especially in the younger generation and nowthey consider it consider as a form of art and fashion, and the society againrelated tattoo with negative point as a life of impurity in some cases. These negative pointsof view about tattoos are express for example in the work places where tattoosare prohibit in the principle cities of Australia, North America, Europe andother. We can explain these thought with some examples. If our son have ateacher, a person of influence in the educations of him, with a lot tattoosaround the face, forearms and other part of the body, do we accept this personin this work? Mostly we don’t.

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I have to recognize that tattoos had great cultural values,for example in the past, in Peru; tattoos had a symbolic of power, marks ofhigh status. Even nowadays, some cultures keep this custom such as Maoriculture of New Zealand, tribes of South America and others. However, thisvalues loss day by day.

If we analyze the representation of tattoos, in general,we recognize that tattoos represent an artistic and fashion issues. In thissense, we defend our position through three solid arguments. First, show thoughof the occidental cultures such as Anglophone countries. Second, contrast thevalue of tattoos in subcultures as flower people, scrapers bikers and other.Third, demonstrate that the conception, around the around without consideroccidental think, is different that the cultural and ethnic.