Task competitors of Skanwear as they are all providers

Task 11.1 Skanwear OrganisationSummary OrganisationSkanwear (was NMC) is a profit organization, which waslaunched by CEO Richard Long back in 1989. NMC primarily supplied genericworkwear until they noticed a gap in the market for Arc Flash and Flame-Resistantclothing, which was when they transitioned to Skanwear. SizeSkanwear is a family run small-sized enterprise with 42employees. The organisation’s current turnover is £7,500,000; with its teamincreasing and business increasing the projected target is to reach £20,000,000by 2020.

Skanwear headquarters is based in Doncaster (UK) and has globaloffices located in Australia, Switzerland, Sweden and the USA where 4 of ourvirtual workers are.  (CorporateFoundation, 2018) Range of Products / ServicesSkanwear provides Arc Flash and Flame-Resistant PPE forother organisations that work on live electricity or handle electricalequipment to protect and reduce the risk of an Arc Flash Hazard. Theorganisation primarily targets the Energy and Utility Sector however suppliesrelevant garments for those who work in: Oil and gas, Wind and ElectricalEngineering. Services the organisation provides are as followed: Safeline – Anonline web portal which contracted customer can reorder garments, Branding,Bespoke products, Global Distribution, Virtual Meetings and Arc Flash AwarenessTraining,  Customer BaseThe customer base forthe organisation is a B2B supplying client such as ABB, Western Power Distribution,FieldCore, Roll’s Royce, General Electric, Schneider, Siemens, Alstom and DFS.Stakeholders who aren’t in contract can also purchase protective workwearthrough our website which would also touch B2C.Main CompetitorsArco, Tranemo and Bulwark are competitors of Skanwear as they are all providersof similar products at competitive pricing. Arco being the largest competitorhas a wider product range of at least 22,000 and at least 150 members oftrained staff.

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(Arco.co.uk, 2017) Single Minded PropositionSkanwear’s single-minded proposition (SMP) is ‘SavingLives’ which is centric in everything they do.                         Cross-function RelationshipsThe organisation worksin a functional organisation. The organisation is split into differentdepartments; Customer Services, Product Development, Sales & Marketing,Finance and Operations which staff report to their Managers which then reportto the Directors and/or CEO. This format allows for departments to remainspecialised within their field of work.

 SuppliersThe organisation usesZOW who produce the garments from the Product Development department’s designs.1.2 IntroductionThe report will beused to show how internal communications can build and develop Skanwear’s brandand how this can affect both internal and external stakeholders. The reportwill address the organisations current situation regarding brand and suggestmethods on how brand building could add credibility. The report will include arecommendation on a Marketing Communications plan targeting existing and newcustomers with a focus on building the brand.  1.

3 Methods of InternalCommunications most relevant to the organisation that support the brand.’Internal marketingcommunications is necessary in order that internal members should be motivatedand involved with the brand in such a way that they are able to present aconsistent and uniform message to non-members’. (Fill and Turnbull, 2016 p.312)This suggests that by beginning with internal stakeholders the brand messagecan then be spread not only amongst the work place but also to those externalof it.

The following are examples of which would be most relevant to theorganisation taking into consideration its size and functional organisationalstructure.