Student actually helps us in future and practical life.

life is considered as the most important time of our life. Our future, desires
and hopes depend upon it. It plays a vital role in forming our character and once
our character is formed in one way, it cannot be changed easily. If we utilize
this time in a right way and receive good education during our student life, we
shall be successful in future but if we aren’t focused at this time, we can’t
achieve our goals or get successful. A level is a period which is crucial for a student, it helps put
things in perspective and builds one’s character in terms of duties and

Moreover, all what I have seen
during my academic journey is students being pressurized to get good grades
i.e. A* or A which is quiet upsetting because I believe that good grades is not
why we are enrolled in educational institutions. Ideally children are sent in
schools and colleges to get a proper education, to learn, adapt, progress and
develop as intellectual individuals who can benefit the society as a whole in
one way or another.

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The greatest misfortune of all is
that teachers and parents are the ones who endorse this behavior. The pressure on students to get good
grades leaves a negative impact on them. This pressure starts while they are
young and builds up as students get older which often leads to depression,
anger, and cheating. I believe that instead of chasing after grades, people
should learn for skills and knowledge as it is what actually helps us in future
and practical life.

the right college to attend is an investment into a young man or woman’s
future.’ Choosing a college to apply for my A Levels has not been a difficult
decision for me as I am sure that
Cedar should be my first preference. Indeed, it is among one of the leading A
Level Institutions. It has a bright name in all the activities when
it comes to different known schools coming to a single platform and so for me
Cedar becomes a wise choice to continue with my studies. Its educational programs,
extra-curricular activities and variety of clubs it offers are the most
fascinating to me. The college seems particularly well-suited to motivate
individuals who are driven to secure their own success. I have heard excellent things
about the Cedar faculty which have motivated me strongly to become a part of
Cedar. I am enthusiastic about studying here and exploring all what it has for

With a
restless spirit and fierce eagerness to learn, I believe I would be a great
asset to Cedar’s student body and hope to raise the name of Cedar College by my
devotion. I plan to persuade my education with a new kind passion, one that
becomes stronger for me every day which is the passion for knowledge and
learning. I can add energy, motivation, and most importantly, a learning
attitude to other students.

Lastly, being
a good student in academics, social and outgoing assume that I would be a good
fit for Cedar. As I am ambitious and determinant person, I strive hard until I
get what I am aiming for. Whenever I get a task, I
make sure to put in all of my effort and complete it perfectly on time. I am a passionate and hardworking
student as I strongly believe, success is the result of preparation, hard work
and learning from failures. Cedar might be a challenge for me but there
is no fun in life without challenges. I am looking
forward to have a wonderful experience being a part of Cedar College.