Strategic process results in a strategic plan, a report

Strategic planning is the method of
establishing a vision for a business and realizing that vision through small,
possible goals. People who work in vital planning help set goals, select the
actions to be taken by employees and help employees work to achieve those
goals. Companies look years ahead when involved in strategic planning. The
strategic planning process results in a strategic plan, a report that explains
the decisions made about the companies goals and how the companies will achieve
the goals.



The experience I had with strategic planning in
the last six years I used to work for a small company. The owner of that
company wants to increase customers in addition to that increase the profit.
One of the supervisor leaders had suggested in that meeting to open another
location for the business. Before we start our project, we studied the
advantage and disadvantage of it. Also, the critical part is how and when it is
going to be ready, and we even started to give suggestions about where we
should open the new location. The project took us almost one year just for the
planning and even longer to go forward with it, and then after three years from
starting the project, we achieved our goal successfully.

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The benefit to me is to understand strategic
planning and increased job satisfaction. The top reason for many employees for
leaving a particular company is the lack of appreciation. Without job
satisfaction, employees have no goals, and they lose their whole motivation at
work. People need to have a motive to come to work and feel like part of the
team.  There is a proof that shows
employees are the most significant source of advanced designs. Satisfaction
keeps employees focused on the objectives of the company and doing my hard work
to achieve it.

is the leader’s job to set the company’s strategic position. instead of growing into every section in which
profits may be earned, the leader focuses the company on deepening its
strategic location. Taking a strategic position that gives meaning and
communicating that value inside the workplace. The employees have part of it
since the team leader, and managers give the message needed to achieve the
company goals. Good leaders must build a healthy relationship with employees to
make sure they understand the new strategies that are being present.