Statement to take up Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Computers

of Purpose


the presentation of one of my senior year research projects on “Aadhaar Card
Based Android Application Patient Monitoring System” which enables doctors to
continuously monitor patient’s vitals and get an access to patient’s history
using a secure Android application, I was
intrigued by one of the jury member’s question on the security aspect of our
system. Even though passcodes were
incorporated as security features in the prototype, we discussed that further
security such as cloud security and wifi connectivity could be utilized. I
realized how vast the field of computer networking was and that I wanted to
explore more about this field and hence my passion for IoT related technology
was developed.

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interest in the field of computer science and electrical engineering has its
roots in my childhood. Spellbound by the prompt information provided by the
means of Google and other search engines for my homework assignments always
amazed me. My inquisitive nature lead me
to discover how my remote control car acted upon my instructions given through
the control which introduced me to the blooming field of electronics. I had a predilection for science and mathematics throughout
my education span. This fundamental intrigue
drove me to take up Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Computers as my major
subjects in high school. As a piece of my Physics venture, I had developed an
arrangement of series and parallel circuit board using basic circuit elements.
I was so astounded by the power of electronics that I was zealous to opt
Electronics and Communication Engineering at Amity University which is regarded
as one of the leading universities of India. The vast curriculum of
integrated subjects like Electrical, Computers, Control Systems,
Telecommunication, Instrumentation and Digital Communication Networks made me
realize my penchant for Computer Networking. I knew
that I wanted to channel the power that came from studying computer science and
electronics to make a positive impact on the world.

the course of the study in my under graduation,
I studied various subjects like basic C,
C++, Data Communication Networks, Microprocessor, Microcontrollers,
Telecommunication Switching, VHDL, Mobile and Wireless Communications which
heightened my interest in the field even more. My mounting curiosity in the
field of programming encouraged me to do Embedded System and Robotics Training
in which I learnt AVR programming apart from my curriculum. Furthermore, the
hunger to acquire utmost knowledge in this vast field made me enrol in Honda
Motor India Private Ltd. as an observer in the IT department during my second
year. This was a vital point in forming my interest in the field of Computer
Science since I was enlightened with the role of computer networking in any
industry. Additionally, as a part of my curriculum,
I made a burglar alarm for a security system. I had the privilege of doing my
industrial training in one of the most esteemed departments
of the country, Laser Science & Technology Centre (LASTEC) which is an
Indian defence laboratory in the Defence Research and Developmental
Organization (DRDO). This provided me with an opportunity to interact with the
top scientists of the country which motivated me to research in my field of
work. My mentor in DRDO was from the computer science field and he made me
realize this is a blooming field. He also exposed me to an aspect of my
education which can be attained by a masters level from the USA which has the best technological acumen
along with high educational standards.

my pursuit to do research in the field of
Organic cells during my first year of undergrad study, I had a breakthrough in
the form of writing a technical paper which was highly motivating for me to do
more research work of highest quality. Further, the experience of writing the
paper inspired me to take Independent Student Research (ISR) as a part of an
elective in my undergraduate programme. While researching the topic “Automatic
detection of tuberculosis bacteria” for ISR, I was so stimulated by the
research field and related subjects taught during the curriculum that I decided
to do more research. I partnered with my assistant professor Ms Shuchismita Pani who was already working on
a research topic “Design and Performance Analysis of Four Port Discontinuous
Patch Antenna. ” I had the privilege to work as her research assistant on this
project. Impressed with my work she assigned me to another research project in
the wireless technology field, “Threshold Sensitive Modified Leach Protocol for
Energy Saving in Wireless Sensor Network” in collaboration with another
faculty. Both projects had fruitful results as the papers were selected in the
well known Springer conference ICICCD 2017. Inspired by my success thus far, I
started working assiduously on my final year project “Aadhaar Card Based
Android Application Patient Monitoring System” which was also selected for the
conference and was appreciated in an annual projects competition APPTec 2017.
This was the apex when I realised my penchant for computer science as the
project involved the concept of “internet of things” and building an Android application. All the selected papers
were presented at the conference and are
soon expected to be published in the IEEE journal. Additionally, I am currently
working on another research paper “Energy Saving Routing Approach in Adhoc
Network using AODV protocol.”

After studying in a world-class university, now I aspire to pursue
my masters in sciences in Computer Science in a university of excellence, which
will provide me an opportunity to work in an intellectual and a motivated environment
by which I would be able to realize my dreams of exploring and contributing new
vistas in the chosen field. My strong suit is a
concrete background of computer science fundamentals, good communication
skills, and willingness to be a part of and thrive in a team-based environment. I believe a Master’s degree will allow me
to acquire specialized skills in my area of interest, while also staking claims
to positions with more responsibility in world-class companies. Your institute,
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey which is reputed to possess the
above, besides having a host of eminent professors on its faculty, gives me
wonderful opportunity to hone my skills and acquire knowledge.

determination to succeed and do well will enable me to be among the better
students of your college. This program is best
suited for me because of the ongoing research in the area of Computer
Networking and security. I would be fortunate to get the chance to assist
Professors like David Cash who has extensive experience in Cryptography and

security. His recent paper in the field of Information security, ” Leakage-Abuse
Attacks Against Searchable Encryption ” have really inspired this field.

unequivocally believe that I have the discipline, aptitude and enthusiasm
required for a Master’s degree in Computer Science. An education from your
university will provide me with the best environment to accomplish my
objectives and provide invaluable experiences. Through diligence and
dedication, I have the capability to make a positive contribution to your