STATEMENT structures built around the world. During my Under





Civil Engineering is one of the
professions where the completed work is magnificent. Having done my Bachelors
in Civil engineering, I feel honored to bring my ideas to this prevailing
world. But, these basics are not enough to establish firm hold in the industry
for further development, more and more in-depth knowledge has to be gained.
This is the reason why I chose the field of structural engineering to do my
masters degree program.

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Being fascination towards
construction since my childhood has led me to explore different kind of
structures and their construction concepts. The feedback I received from my
teachers and friends about my creativity was always encouraging. My out of box  thinking has helped me in finding solutions
easily to typical problems. Apart from that, I keep myself updated with the
latest structures built around the world. During my Under Graduate I had an
opportunity to supervise a construction site and to gain the field exposure as
much as possible. This period has greatly influenced and changed my way of
thinking about civil engineering.


interest in construction field made me to decide on my major for undergraduate
programe as Civil Engineering. I believed that this field would help to widen
my path as it would be an extension of the horizon of the vast subject of
basics of structural engineering. As a part of the curriculum, I was introduced
to various subjects like Engineering Mechanics, Structural Analysis, from which
I understood the mechanism of structures. My exposure to core subjects like ‘Design
of RC and Brick Masonry Structures’, ‘Steel Structures’, ‘Basics of Dynamics
and Aseismic Design’, ‘Prefabricated Structures’ etc., have greatly helped me
in understanding the exact behavior of different structures with different


My quest for knowledge increased
many folds, I have done my final year project in Stabilization of Black cotton
soil using Lime and making it suitable for construction, so we collected soil
samples from a construction site where I got some guidance from the senior site
engineer and we conducted various tests and was able to arrive at a result of
the optimum limit of adding lime to the soil to make it suitable for
construction, and presented the report on my final exams and got a good
appreciation from the professors.
After completing my project work, I joined Anand Construction, Chennai, India, and
worked as a Site engineer for about 8months, During that period, I could
understand the current practices prevailing in the field of construction of building
structures and I got the opportunity to meet the structural analysis team and
got the ideas about the latest techniques used for Design of structural
elements using STAAD PRO. Then I was offered an internship as Trainee Engineer at VGN Homes Pvt, Ltd, Chennai for a period
of three months, during my internship I got a close visualization of developing
a township and i was exposed to the control and maintenance activities of the
entire township, which helped me to complete my internship on the topic.


I have good knowledge in software
like AUTOCAD, REVIT, STAAD PRO and PRIMAVERA. At present, I am working as a Design
engineer at Hochtief (India) Pvt, Ltd,
Guindy, Chennai. As this is a German company we deal with great Infrastructural
projects structures like bridges, underground tunnels, nuclear plants and
various structural elements, This has helped me to have a bird’s eye view of
various mega structures that are going on in the development of structural engineering
and construction concepts.


On the extra-curricular activities
front. I have been the Class Representative during my school. Though I am not a
state player, I pick up cricket and badminton and always ready to play any
games. I also have fondness for other games.


In the long term view, I intend
to pursue my research in the area of Structural engineering and would like to
take forward my skills and experience to make the world a better place more
than living. With this background, I wish that I must further develop on it and
raise my level of education to undertake some

s research in advanced areas of
structural design, the insight into the various aspects of designs, has only
strengthened my ambition to pursue my higher studies in the above fields and
expand my professional and educational horizons.




I bring along a strong grasp of
fundamentals in Structural Analysis and Designs, as well as experience, an
aptitude for research and teamwork and an enthusiastic desire to learn all I
can. I intend to take with me, in addition to knowledge of Structures, a
network of strong and everlasting relationship with my professors and fellow

I am confident that my
qualifications and skills would make my application to the Masters of Science
program in Structural Engineering under Civil Engineering at your esteemed