Standardized because we are completely afraid of failing throughout

Standardized exams, just like the SAT or the
ACT or other national, international or country assessments that mark all
students at a sure educational stage, are increasingly more getting used to
decide how international locations, states, colleges and even college students
are doing. While some people believe that if you have high test scores, then
you are essentially smart while others who do not do as well on the tests are
considered less than smart. My question is that should
test scores be the most valid way to view an individual’s competency to be
accepted into college, I genuinely believe that test scores should not be the
most valued however, others might believe differently.

While, looking at test scores might seem
like an easy way to determine a person’s competency. Many people believe that schools
are putting too much importance into test scores which pressurize the student
causing them to stress out and have the feeling of becoming overloaded. The
use of test scores for the determination of a student’s competency does more
harm to the students’ learning than good because it prevents effective learning
to some. Test scores only encourage students to memorize even the basic facts
and skills.  According to 69%
of people believe that test scores should not be the most valued way to measure
some one’s competency. One of the usher stated that,” While there is no
specifically easy way to measure a student competency, standardized testing in
its current format does not adequately evaluate all the circumstances involved
in a student’s education. It is biased towards those with a specific skill-
test taking. Many students are highly talented in work, but can’t take tests.
Others have major anxiety issues, or based on other situations cannot perform
well in tests. An entire school career should not be based on the results of a
few concentrated hours of testing.” Tests do not have much value other than to
stress out a well-rounded student for days in advance and to create early
insomnia due to anxiety. With the amount of pressure that teachers put on a
young adult is scary because we are completely afraid of failing throughout
life, simply because we could not find x. Diane Ravitch, PhD, Research
Professor of Education at New York University and US Assistant Secretary of
Education from 1991-1993, stated in her Apr. 11, 2016 article titled “Why
Every Child Should opt out of the Standardized Tests,” said that “The
tests are meaningless because the results are returned months after the test,
when the student has a different teacher. The tests are meaningless because the
scores provide no information about what the students learned and didn’t learn.
The teacher is not allowed to find out what students got wrong … the testing
regime is destroying education. It is driven by politicians who think that
tests make students smarter and by educating those who fear to think an
independent thought (Huffington).” Schools spends a lot of time preparing students
for these tests. I feel that these kinds of test do not really asses everyone’s
true potential because you can excel at the understanding of the concepts of
what I am being taught but when it comes time to take the test you bomb it. We
should not put all our value into just test scores because it cannot accurately
gauge a person’s intelligence.

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There are many people who believe that students
test scores are a reflection on how well the student performs on a standardized
test. People like Latasha Gandy, Executive Director of Students for Education
Reform believe that people should value standardized more than anything, in her
Jan. 11, 2016 article titled “Don’t Believe the Hype: Standardized Tests
Are Good for Children, Families and Schools,” she said that “Year
after year, standardized test results have exposed glaring racial biases in our
education system. Teachers and schools are no longer able to hide behind school
averages in performance, and are now having to answer for the low academic
performance of students of color and low-income students…(Huffington)”Many
teachers embrace standardized test data. They use it to celebrate success and
pinpoint areas for improvement. My own children attend schools that use testing
to set goals and measure progress rather than consider it a punishment. The
school regularly shares test data with me, has a clear plan for helping my
daughters in areas they’re struggling in, and gives me tips I can use at
home.” Even if the child had a learning disability, it is the school’s
responsibility to cater to that student’s needs. The tests show not only how
well the student is doing but also how well that schools cater to the needs of
the student. If a high school student was looking for a college to go to then test
scores are a part of how they assess the school. If the test score requirement
is too high or if the requirement is below the student’s standards, then they
are most likely going to go to the school that best fits their score. Test
scores are also a good way to evaluate a student’s competency and a good
indication of a school’s competency because it evaluates how good a school does
compare to other schools. Although by no means do they test everything but, it
gives people a basic idea of how the students are doing. Otherwise, it would be
very difficult to assess the student without these test scores.

Aaron Churchill, MA, MSPPM, Ohio Research
Director for the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, stated the following in his Mar.
18, 2015 article titled “Bless the Tests: Three Reasons for Standardized
Testing, “We should remember why standardized tests are essential. The key
reasons, as I see them, are objectivity, comparability, and accountability. At
their core, standardized exams are designed to be objective measures. They
assess students based on a similar set of questions, are given under nearly
identical testing conditions, and are graded by a machine or blind reviewer.
They are intended to provide an accurate, unfiltered measure of what a student
knows…Outside of standardized test results, no objective method exists for
policymakers to identify either poor-performing schools needing intervention or
high-performing schools deserving rewards….” Academic competence and
intelligence are not upfront to measure, and no method will fully capture the
scope of a student’s ability, but the fact remains that we need at least some
formal system, otherwise the academic system will not work. We need divisions
between the ability levels and the amount of experience and knowledge students possess,
otherwise students will be in environments unsuited to them and won’t be able
to learn properly. There is no other way to divide them than by testing them in
a fair and impartial manner. Exams are good at this because they are not vague they
have clear and measurable guidelines. My friend experiences with standardized
test in her opinion are very helpful. They help her because they show what She
need help on and what she needed to learn for the next year of school.
Standardized test does assess skills and knowledge because then can really help
students for the next year. In general, the role of these test is to show what
students need help to accomplish the skills they need for next year.

Instead of worrying about how students can
get higher scores on the test we need to take a step back and ask ourselves the
question. Should we be wasting so much time worrying about what score Sasha
made on her ACT or SAT? Instead of worrying about the score we should worry
about what we can do to make sure intelligence match her score. Who are we to
judge someone’s intelligence based off a score. 
What we should be doing is making sure a school is capable of nurturing
students into fine human beings that will contribute to the development of the
nation. If a school is capable of encouraging students to pursue their passion
in the best possible way. If a school can teach the students, the ethical right
and wrong paths of the life. If a school is competent or if there is a better
teacher-learner efficiency and where tests are not the end of the world. When
speaking about having test scores as an indication of a school’s competency,
everything will be based on the school. The school will have to have something
to base it on themselves in order to have the results. This is where it becomes
unacceptable. The fact that the whole process puts the school in a jam will
make the school fall to the employees for the work. This process leads to
teacher evaluations. No one likes to be put under pressure in the classroom. To
be put under pressure causes more stress than needed on the teacher’s behalf.
How is a teacher supposed to make students perform proficiently on tests? There
are many different cases that can cause a good student to have bad test
results. Students may have a lack of determination. Determination is a big
factor in attaining success and lack of determination can cause one to fail.
Determination is something that cannot be taught nor forced on a student by
their teacher. It is something they want to have to do good in schools. Schools
giving too much importance to scores pressurize the student causing stress and
overload. Few students flourish in non-academic area as well. Merely
being excellent in academics does not mean that it is a competent school. It
matters that the school is a safe place for the students to spend a major part
of the day in a happy, productive environment which nurtures various skills
such as leadership, motivation, determination, patience that come from realms
outside academics.

I myself have taken a variety of
standardized test in middle school and in high school. We usually just have one
or two exams about halfway through the school year to test our knowledge of
reading and math skills. The tests were always multiple choice with four answer
choices. As a student, I always seem to have a difficult time with multiple
choice tests. I weigh my answers too much, second-guess myself, and sometimes
do not go with my instinct. Because of the pressure I feel in completing
standardized tests, I feel that my test scores do not reflect my knowledge of
specific skills. In such a high-pressure situation, students can crack and do
poorly. Therefore, some test scores are not an acceptable reflection of what students
have learned. Students who are held back a grade level because of one
low-scoring test receive unfair treatment. Advancement to the next grade level
should not be based solely on a student’s ability to do well on a test. Standardized
tests do not do a quality job of measuring student abilities and therefore
should not be deemed as the end all, be all. While standardized tests can be a
productive means to track student progress, they should never be used to
determine a student’s intelligence. A test cannot measure the virtues of
imagination, ingenuity or work ethic. It is imperative that we keep these
assessments in perspective, in case we somehow overlook the next great Thomas

In conclusion, I believe that standardized
tests don’t measure our abilities correctly I may use the information later in
life, but some questions are random and of no use to me. I think that every day
since kindergarten is preparing students for standardized tests, because you
must know the basics to be able to advance in any area. This also shows that
you can’t put a student’s failure of success in a test I say no because it
depends on the student and how well they comprehend things and whether they ask
for help. So, no test scores should not be an indication to a school’s
competency or how well it looks it all about the students’ mind process and
comprehending. My question is that should test scores be the most valid way to
view an individual’s competency to be accepted into college, I genuinely
believe that test scores should not be the most valued however, others might
believe differently.