Squash direction to be more realistic in the sence

Squash and Stretch :


In this technical in the animation of 3D  in motion character that give more movement .

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that most use in cartoon animation that means the drawing continues to big then
began small as seen in the images. So, in another word can could it rigidity
that means object moves that can see it in real-world objects it has
flexibility in the shape.



Anticipation :

 In this technical is can be the
anatomical preparation for the action and make the action apper more realistic
. so , that have three part  : first , the preparation for the action –

 this is anticipation
the action
the termination of the action


Staging :

Staging is the presentation of an idea so that it is completely and
unmistakably clear that mean in the sence of the film shoulde  reveal 
the auttied , mood , idea or reaction of the character or story that
have more apper in camera angled to help fram work for the audience .



Straight Ahead Action and Pose to


In this another part from principal of
animation is straight ahead action so is that name became because an animator
literally works countiues from the first drawing in the sence . So , this
process need to product more drawing and action for the thing or what you
animate at all and need more creative . Also , in pose to pose the animator
planning and schcled this action  that
mean how many  the drawing will be need
in the sence while the timing and poses is important at same time . 


Follow Through and Overlapping
Action :


The follow through is when the all parts of
characters is countuies such as arms , long , hair , clothing  while the main body is stop in the sence such
as moving of body of hourses that while the overlapping action makes the object
more interesting because it provided the animatiom moving in this body . 



Ease In and Ease Out or slow in and
slow out :


That mean the spacing of the between frames
position so that how the animation have moving 
images in different direction  to
be more realistic in the sence  in  2D animation that can see it in cartoon so
some time the object be faster of slower in another part of the sence . Also ,
the movement build slowly and fined slowly .


Arc  :



In this technical they draw in key frames that
mean the movement can be guided along to create a more naturala feel . so , in
every movement have a slightly circular path and use the slow motion  3D graphic . The Arc gives the character to
animation moving because it move in nutral ways same as human body do in nutral
action .



Secondary Action:

is definition by the action that
result directly from another action happed in the sence so that tecnechal
important in adding realistic , complexity and heighting interest to the
animation set  .

Timing :


The personalty and
nature of an animation is greatly affaected by the number  of frames inserted between each main action
example if have many drawing that very close together in between the two main
poses the action will be very slow . Also , if you have few drawing  set