Sony of Directors defines the respective fields for who

Sony History, & culture

The founder of Sony was 2
Japanese men who are “Masaru Ibuka”and “Akio Morita” on the
7th of May 1946.Sony was originated and grow into more than
$60 billion world organization Sony has the
ability to achieve the needs of people and helped to improve technology worldwide.
Sony company has been at the forefront of technology for more than 50 years (Ng
Yan Yong 2011)

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Sony Corporation is a multinational
company whose headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan. It is one of the
world’s biggest media company with revenue of about US$40 billion (2011) and
branches worldwide with over 200,000 employees.

was the first who  innovated a stream of
revolutionary products, including the transistor radio, the
Trinitron television, the Betamax VCR, the CD player, the Walkman portable
cassette player, and the PlayStation game console.( Shinagawa-ku)

Sony is now one of the largest companies
and manufactures for video game, electronics, communications, video and information
technology products. (Chang, 2008)

was ranked 105th on the 2017 list of Fortune Global 500.( Wikipedia)

Sony Corporate Governance

Sony is committed to a strong corporate
governance. Accordingly; In 2003, Sony adopted the “Company with Committees” corporate government law underneath the
Companies Act of Japan. 

Beside abiding with the necessities over applicable
guidelines and regulations, Sony has introduced its own requirements
to help improve the strength and transparency of its governance by reinforcement
the separation of the Directors’ function from that of management and by adopting
a proper perform of the legal committees.

Under Sony’s system, the Board of Directors
defines the respective fields for who each of the Corporate
Executive Officers
is accountable or delegates after to
them decision-making master ship in conformity
with boss the business.

Sony Today:

As of March 2013, Sony hired over
$146,000 people around the world. The company’s revenue in March 2014 was over
$7.5 billion, with an operating loss for the year of over $1.2 billion U.S. Most of its loss came from the company’s
decision to shut down its PC manufacturing operation, low sales of smartphones,
price and lower-cost competition in its audio and video divisions. Its mobile
communications division, gaming division, imaging-products division and Sony Pictures
division remain strong. (Michael Keenan

Sony new implemented strategy called ‘One
Sony’ that include a new structure for the top management of the company seeking
to encourage and stimulate growth.      (ukessays.  23rd March, 2015 Last Edited: 8th May, 2017)