Some advantages of the refugees that come to Canada

Some advantages of the refugees that come to Canada is that accepting refugees improves Canada’s relationships with other foreign countries and communities and the population of Canada is decreasing right now, so the more refugees there are the better for Canada.

 The refugees bring in more experience and knowledge to help Canada become a better place for everyone, also experiencing different ethnicities in Canada teaches understanding and peace. They also generate multiculturalism and more ethnicities to improve lifestyles.Economic immigrants help Canada build its workforce and economy due to our very slow rate of natural increase. Without skilled immigrants, Canada would not be able to support its dependency load, therefore, Canada benefits decidedly from the high rate of economic immigrants.Ethnic enclaves are areas with high ethnic concentration, characteristic cultural identity, and economic activity. This term is usually used to refer to either a residential area or a workspace with a high concentration of ethnic firms. These areas are great for immigrants because they are looking for someone who speaks the same language as them and has somewhat the same lifestyle as them. Some advantages of English programs is that if you have a language barrier or you do not know how to speak a language, there would be someone or something that could help you learn that language you are wanting to speak.

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In this case, if you want to learn how to speak English and communicate with others with fluency, you can. Another advantage could be that if you know how to speak English, you can get a job easily and you could start making money for your family or for yourself to maintain your lifestyle and home.Cultural diversity in the workplace occurs when a company hires employees from many types of backgrounds, race, gender, age, or religion. A diverse culture in the workforce or anywhere benefits companies in countless ways, contributing to an organization’s efficiency and creating a competitive advantageA disadvantage for immigrants that have just come to the country may be difficult finding work based on their English proficiency or inability to integrate appropriately into Canadian society.

They may find lack of proper resources to get their language abilities up to high standards to keep a good job.For communications to work, a message must be understood by the receiver. When two people cannot understand one another, they experience a language barrier. This means when the sender’s side or the receiver’s side has a breakdown in language and communication which may cause misunderstandings. Language barriers often occur when an individual does not know how to speak the language or does not know how to speak the language fluently; this can affect your job applications/jobs.

A disadvantage of assimilation could be that people lose originality differentiating traits, such as speech, particularities, mannerism and the way they dress. Assimilation is when someone forces you to learn a different culture or language that you do not know how to speak. Hate crimes are crimes committed by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, basically, a crime that involves violence. Examples of such groups can include ethnicities, disabilities, languages, nationalities, physical appearances, religions, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

A disadvantage of this type of crime could be being racist towards other ethnicities and fewer people wanting to come to our country.Discrimination is the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or gender. There are many types of discriminations some include social, harassment, workplace and so on. Some disadvantages of discrimination could be that people feel uninvolved and feel as if they are not to be wanted there, which can cause mental health issues that can cause them to hurt themselves.Multiculturalism makes us more open and accepting of people of all backgrounds, and allows individuals to incorporate their heritage and communities they live in.

Canada is viewed as a diversified country and is respected for that almost by the whole world, new innovations and economic growth.