Software value of program. 3. Quality – A quality

Software Measurement1.

     Size – Measuring the size of the program by sum up the lines of code. The benefit of this measure is to determine and correlates strongly with other measures such as effort and error density. Vega-Lite is a high-level interaction grammar can concise describe the common method like panning or zooming and create chart easily. It also does not need many line of code to call their common method like commonly 1-2 lines of code and unalike low-level grammars such as D3 is limit customization and composition. For example, D3’s interactors encapsulate event processing, making it difficult to combine them if their events conflict. 2.      Complexity –  Complexity defines as difficulty of maintaining, changing and understanding programs. It also one of the major problems that software maintainers need to deal.

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Vega-Lite is a high-level language and it also is the enhance version of Vega (low-level language), so Vega-Lite is a low complexity programming language. Furthermore, the software maintainer can easier to understand the Vega-Lite with less complexity value of program. 3.       Quality – A quality maintenance process that enables the maintainer to apply the desired changes.

Vega-Lite’s compiler automatically picks default properties of a visualization depended on a set of carefully designed rules. For example, the stacked bar chart on the left has a custom color palette. 4.      Understandability – The capability to decide what a program does and how it works by go through its source code and see documentation. Vega-Lite is less complex program because it is high-level language.

The software maintainer can easy to understand the Vega-Lite source code with their available documentation. In Vega-Lite documentation, it shows all the detail of source code like function, description and properties. Besides that, it also shows some of example guide to user who want to use Vega-Lite. 5.       Maintainability – The ease with which maintenance can be carried out. 6.

    Cost estimation – The cost of a maintenance project is the resources like personnel, machines, time and money.