Sociological sociology The Scientific method Interpretive Methodology: Definition: This

Research Methodology

How has society influenced today? Did people watch the
morning news? Did people spend time on the Internet? Did they have conversation
with friends? People might be influenced by society more than they realize.

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Sociology is the study of the development,
structure, and functioning of human society and social problems. Sociologists
observe, examine, and analyze society and society’s influences. They research
societal problems, the development of societies, and the ways that humans

When sociologists study society, they use one of
several different methods. These methods are different lenses. Each lens is a
different way to view society and gives a different perspective.

 Sociological research methodologies

There are three main sociological research methods.
These three methods are given below:

The interpretive method, also known as interpretive

The critical method, also sometimes called critical

The Scientific method



This research method focuses on understanding
subjective experiences rather than simply observing facts. As the term
suggests, interpretive researchers seek to explain and understand sociological
data. They interpret life and society through the human experience. Before the
development of interpretive sociology, sociological research concentrated on
gathering objective facts and drawing conclusions.

critical methodology


Critical sociology uses critical
thought in an effort to reveal faulty sociological claims. This type of
research is meant to pick apart any theory and conclusion made about society
and culture. Researchers carefully analyze and question previous claims and

Scientific Methodology


 This is a systematic approach to researching
questions and problems through objective and accurate observation, collection and analysis of data,
direct experimentation, and replication.


of Sociological methodologies in given topic


of education in women empowerment and development in Pakistan

“No nation can rise to the height of glory unless your
women are side by side with you; we are victims of evil customs. It is a crime
against humanity that our women are shut up within the four walls of the houses
as prisoners. There is no sanction anywhere for the deplorable condition in
which our women have to live.” – Muhammad
Ali Jinnah, 1944



growing social awareness across the globe has brought a number of issues to the
fore among which gender equality and empowerment of women are very significant.
Discrimination against women in the form of male-female differentiation
constitutes the core of the gender biased system. Education is the biggest
liberating force and rise in the levels of education, which nourishes
progressive outlook, and the advent of industrialization and modernization have
effected a sea change in the attitudes and thinking pattern of the people. The empowerment
is not essentially political. In the fact political empowerment will not
succeed in the absence of economic empowerment.
Women are the most significant part of any social structure, but despite this
fact, they usually face a number of obstacles in their way to avail their
rights. Power, prestige and status should be given to the women with their
rights of jobs, skills, education, security, health, better standards of living
etc. The current paper has main focus on “role of education in empowerment of
women and development in Pakistan” Education has main role in empowering women
in a given society.



Education is regarded as the key factor in overcoming
the barriers that women face and the basic tool for empowering women and
bringing them into the main stream of development. Education not only provides
knowledge and skills to improve health and livelihoods, but it empowers women
to take their right place in society and the development process. Education gives
status and confidence in decision making


Education and literacy empowers
women. The only way a society or nation can move forward, and aspire to
economic growth and development is not just through education- but especially
education among the women citizen. Role of education is very crucial for
empowerment and development but in regard of women this is being ignored in a
very drastic way that ended up women’s low participation in development of

Case study is here Pakistan’s society
in which role of education will be seen through sociological methodologies in respect
of women.


Education has crucial importance in any society but
here in Pakistan it is being ignored. Though if facilities of education are
provided to women then they can make up a large amount of positive productive
share in a society. 


Education is the right of every human
but unfortunately in Pakistan women are still mostly deprived of education. For
a strong society the role of an educated woman is very important. Education is
the only tool that can break the cycle of abuse, and poverty. It has the power
to transform societies. Educated women are more aware of their rights. A
greater participation of educated women in the economy and political process
would lead to a better world today as well as future generations.

Here research objective
is to see role of education in the society of Pakistan in specific concern to
women’s education.

Education has greater
role in empowering women and making development in society.

and dependent variable:

Empowerment (Independent variable):


Empower to make decision regarding family

Empower to make decision about one Self

Decision regarding marriage