Social share ideas, information and knowledge, some information that

Social media is a part of the people who use social media inour days. Nowadays any person can use social media most of them are youngpeople, and they spend many time every day on social media sites they can usesocial media from any place. Social media become first thing for young peoplein free time, In addition many young people are using different social mediasites without thinking whatis  the impacts on their  live, they should use social media carefullybecause social media has many positive and negative effects of social media onyoung people in our daily live. Social media is not completely negative or so positive.It all depends on the user.

it make people more Attracts to use socialmedia .Literature review According to (Kelly, 2016) in social media can share ideas,information and knowledge, some information that helps young people in theirstudy or in their work. In the social sites young people can improve how towrite CV to get a job. Also, social media is good for young people to learn newthings and to develop the skills that help them in their study or in theirwork. Also it helps them to communicate with other people on social media, todo their work or assignments by using social media, in example they can do asurvey through social media.

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In addition, nowadays young people can show their productsand services through social media which will help them to improve theirbusinesses by showing them to a big number of followers. This will help bothsellers and buyers to save time and effort .Mohammed, (2016).Also, young people can know every news about the world. Suchas, economy, crimes or wars and weather and so on.

This will make the youngpeople to have an idea about what is exactly going in the world. This will makethe young people more confident about their information’s and knowledge. Sameer,(2011). However, there aremany negative aspects of social media. Young people use social media for a longtime .

which leads them to waste time and become careless about their works andstudies. Also they don’t think about the importance of time and it is priority.(Smith, 2009).Another one, wastingmoney is one of the negative aspects of using social we know nowadaysthe internet has become more expensive .

Especially when it comes to socialmedia. Because, social media applications spend and need a lot of internet datawhich needs more money. Prince (2017).Moreover, people arefacing many problems because of lack of privacy. Nowadays people are snappingand taking photo for every moment in their life. This can lead them to haveproblems with their partners or relatives. John, (2016).According to (Lucky,2016), young people when they use social media sites they didn’t seen whathappened around them, they only using social media, they are don’t communicatewith their families, each person don’t know very well about other person thiscan make problem in the family, sometime they are do not share happens andproblems with their families, because they busy on using social media thatimpact their behavior with their families.

Nowadays young people sharingeverything to new friends in social media sites and now young people believe theirfriends more than their familiesIn addition, most ofyoung people using social media sites that keep away young people from writingand reading that make them weak in their studies. Because, most of the timethey only using social media that can be affect their body and eyes. If theyuse social media sites very much they will be tire. Santa, (2007).Discussion of theresult In this topic I made10 questions to give some people to know their opinions on effects of socialmedia on young people and I will discussion their opinions. Question 1 What are you doing on social media? Answers Results Chatting 70% Find a job 20% Watch video 10%  In this table showed most of young using, 70%for chatting to communication with new friends, and sending photos and videosto know about them more. But 20% of young using social media to find a job anddetails of a job on social media sites .and 10% of them watching videos to enjoy.

This means that young people use social media the socialising to chatting withfriend and family. Question 2 Which of the following of social media you use free time? Answers Results What’s App 15% YouTube 5% Instagram 30% Sanpchat 50% In this table showed which Apps young people using in freetime .using what’s App of young people 15% to messages and can send message voiceto their friends or families it is easy to use because this app design for everyone,and 5% using YouTube to watch some movies and music, 30% they using instagramand they can shopping from instagram some young people have business oninstagram, can see photos of products and buy the product .more of young peopleusing sanpchat 50% update  videos andphotos  every think about their live andthey can see famous people  videos andphotos ,also they can lean from sanpchat for example how to cook ,how to talkEnglish ,and many things about girls. Many of young people like to use sanpchatin their free time to entertainment their self.  Question 3 How many sites you use? Answers Results 2 5% 3 20% 4 30% 5 45% This table for question three shows how many sites they use.Now, Young people in our time no one is using two sites only 5%, and they 20%use three sites in social media, and some young people using four sites of 30%,most of them using five sites of 45% when they have free . Young people usingfive sites different because they don’t want to feel boring in their live.

Question 4 How long do you use social media sites? Answers Results 1 hours 0% 2-3 hours 25% 4-5 hours 40% 6-7 hours 35% In this question the results is no one say of young people usesocial media sites in one hours is 0%, and 25%of them said two to three hoursspend time in social media, 40% young people using four to five sites, resultsshowed that 35% of the answers is six to seven of young people between 25-30 agethey use social media. Nowadays young people are addicted to using social mediafor a long time 4-5 hours.     Question 5 Do you like the social media? Answers Results Yes 100% No 0% Results of this table of question five. In this table hastwo answers yes, no. 100% of young people choice yes to like the social mediain their life, and 0% nobody choice no. This means young people  like social media very much and  become a part of their live .

Question 6 Social media it is good for young people? Answers Results Yes 50% No 50%  In this question 6showed that 50% of young choice yes that mean social media good for youngpeople, But some young people select No the social media is not good for youngpeople.  But it is depend on what userwants to use social media for good or for bad. Question 7 Do you agree the social media of effect young people? Answers Results Agree 80% Disagree 20% In this table showed effects of social media on young people,80%they believe that social media affect them in our live, but some youngpeople choice no  they don’t  believe that  social media affects them.

Most of youngpeople whatever they see in social media sites they want like them for examplefamous style and their behavior that affect them a lot .    Question 8 Do you think social media help you on your study? Answers Results Agree 90% Disagree 10% In this table question eight showed social media help youngpeople in their studies, 90% they agree that social media help them in theirstudy to find information for school or college, but of them say disagree thesocial media helps them on study . In the social media can get information for studiesthat help us very much. Question9 What time young people using the social media Answers Results Morning 10% Night 70% Afternoon 20% In this table showed that 10 % of young using social mediain the morning, and 70% most of them using in the night they don’t sleep in thenight because they chatting and texting with their friends, and 20% usingsocial media in afternoon. That means young people they free in the night touse social media sites Question 10 What is your opinion on effect of social media on young? This open question I will writesummery of the answers of people opinions.

Nowadays social media effect onyoung people on their studies and works they can’t focus a on their work whenthey use social media, they only want to finish their work fast to use thesocial media sites.Conclusion  To sum up , social media hasadvantages and disadvantages that depends on the user, social media is veryuseful and helpful for young people on their live ,but they  should use social media sites in limitedbecause it affect them on their personal life, while social media has becomepart of the daily routine for many young people ,all of us has to be carefulabout social media, it is way they Won’t waste time and become careless aboutyoung people in their works and studies sites, so the social media sites isgood for young people to get information about what happen in the world thatmake young people more confident about their knowledge in the  life