Social self confidence. Teens today are more focused on

                                                                             Social Media is damaging today’s youthDo you ever think about the negative effects social media has on our youth? Everyday social media lowers a teenagers self confidence. Teens today are more focused on social media than their school work. Social media can also lead to sleep problems. Online predators are all over social media looking for their next victim. Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook can cause teens to fall into these negative situations and leads to comparing and then depression and sometimes suicide.

These are some of the reasons why social media has harmful effects on today’s youth and we would be better off if all kids were not exposed to social media until the age of 18.     First off, social media can lower an abundant amount of teens self confidence. One example of this is cyberbullying. Teens can post anything to the public to damage one’s self confidence. According to the article “Cyberbullying and Bullying Statistics 2014, Finally!”young people are found to be twice as likely to be cyber bullied on Facebook as on any other social networking site (No Bullying. 2017).

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These hate posts can be harmful, embarrassing, harassing, or even threatening causing teens to feel the need to cause self harm and suicide. If society would stop posting hate on the internet towards different people than others could feel more comfortable around each other.     pofjrf to cyberbullying, social media puts students at Self harm and suicidal thoughts.

In the article “10 Pros and Cons of Social Media” on the website it states that students who spend more time on social media have lower academic grades. Social media also can affect a student’s homework and study time. Too many students at home are trying to work on school related assignments, but are becoming too distracted by their phones buzzing or having the urge to check their social media apps.

Social media is just becoming a great distraction to plenty of today’s teens.     Most importantly, social media is harmful because of its online predators. According to the article, “Online Predators ­ Statistics” on it states that 75% of teens are willing to share personal information online about themselves and their family in exchange for goods and services. Once a teenager makes any account online it is free to the public unless the app provides an optional private account setting. Stalkers can collect pictures, information, and your location just by viewing your posts.

They can later use that information to find where you are so that they can potentially harm you. Surely now you can see that by being aware of what you share with others can keep you from being attacked by strangers.     However, social media does have its benefits.

Social media allows people to improve relationships and make new friends that they might not be able to make in person. For example, the article “30 Statistics about Teens and Social Networking” from the website says that 58% of teens send text messages through social media. However, the article “10 Pros and Cons of Social Media” on the website www.toptensocialmedia.

com says that then leads to less face to face communication and puts many people behind screens, which isn’t so great either. If this continues, in the future teens will only experience little face to face conversations with others. As you can see, social media leads to multiple negative situations. Beginning with lowering a teens self confidence. Then leading to a significant amount of cyber bullying.

Finally having many online predators surrounding teenagers on the Internet. Overall by using less social media you can avoid these negative situations.