Sitecore 1) Sitecore Experience Platform – Web Content and

Sitecore   When it comes to audience engagement and brand entity visibility, Ace Infoway strongly believes in a well planned and highly focused marketing communication strategy that aims to deliver the very best customer experience. To achieve these marketing goals- a robust, 360-degree, feature-rich technology is required. This is where Ace places Sitecore right at the top of all the other technologies that we have implemented and tested and has been highly rated by the team. Sitecore as a technology fits almost all the requirements and expectations that businesses expect from an audience engagement marketing tool. As per last reports released by Sitecore 7,894 companies around the globe are currently using Sitecore technology support to accelerate their business growth! Sitecore helps businesses through their Sitecore Experience Platform with products like web-content management (WCM), customer insights, marketing automation and a lot more. Sitecore offers two extremely well-crafted products under their Sitecore Experience Cloud Services – 1) Sitecore Experience Platform – Web Content and Experience Management. 2) Sitecore Experience Commerce – Complete Customer Lifecycle Management and personalized Shopping experience.     Recently Sitecore has also partnered with another industry leader – Salesforce, to deliver a personalized digital experience using Salesforce’s Marketing cloud service. Sitecore’s competency lies in creating and encouraging path-breaking customer experience management solutions. The team at Ace offers service deployment, and integration services to customers who want to enjoy the benefits of Sitecore’s advantages with minimal deviation from their current tasks and resource management. Disclaimer: Excerpts, Information, Logos, and image references posted on the Blog about Sitecore and its Services + Salesforce Partnership are owned by Sitecore and used for reference purposes only.