Since some backlash from parents who accuse companies like

Since most of these companies are
in an international market they have to meet different social standards. In the
UK they have recently banned fast-food commercials during children’s television
shows8 . (Appendix A) This is a response to the growing obesity epidemic. The
United States is more relaxed than most other countries, however, health trends
are shifting and being health-conscious has increased significantly in the last
few years. This trend is expected to increase until 2019. (Appendix B) They
have received some backlash from parents who accuse companies like McDonald’s
and Burger King of trying to brainwash their kids by offering toys in their
happy meals9 . They target children by enticing them with toys while the happy
meal food is very unhealthy. No legislation has passed yet, but Morgan Spurlock
did target McDonald’s in his documentary Supersize Me. Peyton Manning is the
main spokesman for Papa John’s and they have tried to capitalize on commercials mainly during
football season. Some pizza restaurants now also offer gluten-free dough for
customers that prefer something a little healthier10