Simple simplify and improve inter-bank exchanges by offering greater

Simple Steps to Buy Stellar in IndiaStep 1) Register:  Sign Up with BitBns.    Then enter personal information like  name, surname and email id details for account creation..

Step 2) ID Proofs: Next, submit  PAN card, bank account details and Aadhaar card photocopies.(Residents of Assam can upload Driving license photocopy) for continuing with background verification process.Step 3) On successful verification of uploaded documents (which will take 1 working day’s time).

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Investors will be notified via email.Step 4) Finally investors can Transfer funds into their BitBns account using NEFT/RTGS/IMPS and initiate placing their trading orders!                                       Remember :Depending on your purchase volume and other parameters, we at BitBns must verify that you are the owner of the payment, our service adheres to the principles of KYC, fight against money laundering and bank fraud.For payment by NEFT/RTGS/IMPS the delay is approximately 24 – 48h business day for receipt of payment.Some interesting features of Stellar :For those who are new to Stellar, it is an open source financial platform built on cryptocurrency technology: Blockchain. Unlike Bitcoin and other digital currencies, the Stellar protocol allows people to build financial products on the platform.

Through the Stellar protocol, the Foundation aims to provide access to financial services and education for all around the world.The Stellar is a forker inter-bank exchange protocol from the Ripple. Like the Ripple, it aims to simplify and improve inter-bank exchanges by offering greater speed of execution and a very advantageous cost.

The Stellar has its own currency: the Lumens, used for the conversion of currencies during interbank exchanges.Unlike Bitcoin, the Stellar protocol does not involve mining. Lumen, the cryptocurrency of the Stellar platform is initially pre-generated (100 billion of them) and 95% of these are distributed to people and organizations around the world. The Lumen will act as a “behind the scenes”: They are digital chips to facilitate financial transactions in applications created using the Stellar protocol.

The Stellar Consensus Protocol will confirm these Lumen transactions in a matter of seconds. With Stellar, there is no restriction on the type of currency (Fiat or crypto) that will be transferred through the protocol.BitBnsBitBns is an Indian start-up launched in December 2017 that allows investors to buy bitcoins and various cryptocurrencies in a fast and secure way.BitBns offers great ease of use.

In addition to being able to carry out transactions between traditional addresses, BitBns offers its users the possibility of processing transactions faster and without any hidden transaction costs.BitBns works on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android.