Silver just like our founding fathers did immediately after

           Silver Sands is the Ideal Location for Family Reunion Yeah! It is my culture and tradition, family reunion lies at the heart of African American ancestral lineage. I and the whole of my family hold on to it with great enthusiasm just like our founding fathers did immediately after the abolition of slavery. Anyway, we don’t have to advertise where we are to locate ourselves, the way they did back then. Calm down, family reunion is not archaic, it’s legendary and fun-filled. But you know what? Planning for a large number of family members can be daunting; loads of anticipation accompanies it, especially when you are part of the planning committee, just like me during the last summer.

 I was actively involved in lining up the events but I regret being passive about our choice of location. The location cut short all of my wonderful expectations of a family reunion. To some of my family members it was okay, as for me, it was far from being perfect. It’s a yearly thing, if it’s not perfect, it should be very close to being perfect. Such a place would not have been a choice I will make in booking for a family reunion. Well, my total objection of our venue made me the head of the planning committee for this coming summer’s family reunion. The truth is, I was not looking up to such a cumbersome task, location scouting can be a hell.

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I know you will ask me why I complained, I did because I want the best of family reunion.Normally, you should know what is going in my head, a big resort that is all-inclusive which will facilitate all our plans and events. Alas! Not all my family members can afford that. But, one thing that I know for sure is that we are having our reunion outside America.

Come to think of it, must it always be a big all-inclusive resort when a collection of independent villas can serve me and my family better? My search for a great spot begins. Basically, an affordable vacation rental where I can choose from their wide variety of accommodation rentals is my target. My thorough research reveals Silver Sands Jamaica as my best option.Fortunately enough, Jamaica has always been a haven for family reunions.

This fact did not take away my rationality. There are alternative choices you will say, but when it comes to beautiful Islands on the Caribbean for family reunion, Jamaica is a top echelon of the Islands. No other place have a closer connection to the cultural and spiritual life of African Americans. Jamaica offers excursion and adventures that gives a feeling of homecoming, such as, a cultural trip to Bob Marley’s Museum, Rastafarian village and so on. Swimming with the dolphins can’t get better than it does in Jamaica and a visit to Dunn’s River waterfalls will make it a worthwhile experience.Located on the famous North coast of Jamaica, Silver Sands is about 30 miles from the airport, which I think is great, considering the fact that family reunions are best done in a place that does not really involve much hustling and bustling, and a place that is not far from the city as well. A good start I will say.

A wonderful aspect about their accommodation is that we have the opportunity of choosing the villas and cottages that suits our need and all of these villas and cottages are clustered around beautiful, private and white sand beach. Remember it’s not tagged “all-inclusive.” Common tell me, can you beat that? I got worried about all Silver Sands’ villas and cottages being privately owned but I got to know all home owners live around the world. More importantly, the security of my family is not something I will take with levity. I am glad to tell you that it is safe and clean. It’s fulfilling to know that the different desires of my large family can be satisfied, from Aunt Gladys’ choice of a house with a pool to my cousins’ love for staying on the sea front, it’s indeed fulfilling. This will actually help me from getting frantic.As an African American, I love food and food plays a prominent role in any of our family reunions.

Moving stuffs for food from America to Jamaica will be stressful, no doubt about it. To my greatest surprise, all villas and cottages in Silver Sands have great cooks who prepare best Jamaican dishes. With my second generation uncle’s obsession with jerk chicken and my strong appetite for jerk pork which I often eat with my friends around here, Silver Sands is our sure destination for family reunion.

Hello! Mouth-watering dishes here we are.At reunions, we always have a time for exchanging gifts, Silver Sands has a gift shop at the same Club House Complex. Oh my! What a great relief.

To my greatest pleasure, Silver Sands does not leave out the younger ones from having fun. You really need to see their children’s play area, it is awesome. While the couple amongst us enjoy  a romantic gazebo at the end of Silver Sands Jetty, others can do a lot of exciting things on the beach. What a beautiful way to tell others about my family reunion, especially with a free Wi-Fi. My family will be very delighted to know that Silver Sands’ villas and cottages feature private swimming pools, hot tubs and many more. Don’t think I forget to mention their professional customer service, it is awesome.

We are definitely going there with our games and crafts, since their serene environment will add to the liveliness of our activities. Tell me about a better place that you think me and my family can just sit, talk, discuss and reminisce about our root, past, present and future other than a large patio overlooking the private Silver Sands’ beach that never gets crowded.With my adequate knowledge and understanding of the services and opportunities Silver Sands offers, I will not trade it for any other location.

Now, I can proudly call myself the head of our planning committee because I have been able to secure a perfect location that will facilitate our events this summer and make our family reunion a memorable one. Where would you and your family rather be for your family reunion? Remember, if it’s not Silver Sands, it cannot be Silver Sands Jamaica.