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Short Answer Questions:On the .pdf found in the Google Classroom assignment, answer questionsAnswers:1.It says conventional wisdom is a explanation or an idea that is accepted by anyone in the public besides the truth in the statement.

A great example would be that millions of people believed the Earth is flat, and others believe the Earth is the center of the universe. It says that conventional wisdom is wrong most of the time.2.When a person exaggerates or makes a big deal, their arguments and are shown with facts, it results and creates a problem. The topic that a person lied about is not bad at all, but the false information that has been given shows the good and greatness that the people are trying to do. When there is a big chance, no one will really question conventional wisdom, due to the topic.

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4. During the 1996 Olympics, the Atlanta Police Department threw around 2000 police reports and just did not want to deal with it. It was useless and did not matter,  because the crime rate still increase, but not that much. The people in the media also told the story of the crack cocaine and how the powering industry was a thing and had produced a lot of money in it, but the people selling the drugs still survived in the projects where the drugs were settled.6.

With the gang under the act of accusing which one of the gang’s members gave the financial records and information of Venkatesh and the gang hopes that it could maybe do some charity or something good because of his fear of dying and that would most likely result with this gang.ON THE NEXT PAGE!!!!!8. The costs that would be considered fixed costs are the money needing to be payed to the board of directors, dues, and the taxes. The costs that would be considered variable costs are the weapons, and the mercenary fighters used. 25,000 dollars in drug sales was the money that J.T’s unit brought in. That is a lot of money.9.

People like young workers who are successful start out at the bottom to get to more high paying jobs for not a lot of pay. The people who have the same outlook are drug dealers. It shows that he wants to be the top of the top, as a boss. This incentive would drive anyone to a low pay for jobs.10. Becoming a singer or movie star as your dream is unlikely because everyone wants to do that. Most of the actors who are very popular did not start off with blockbuster hits, but better.

Taking jobs or even finding job is impossible if you are unemployed.