Sexual Perversion is largely based on aesthetic grounds, aesthetic

 Sexual perversions can beconsidered as a sexual desire or practice that is unnatural.

When someone performs a sexual perversion, they aresometimes called pervert. However, to be called a pervert, a behavior must beboth an expression of a sexual desire and offensive.  Sexual perversion must reveal itself inconduct that expresses an unnatural sexual preference.

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Although there might bea form of fetishism focused on the employment of contraceptive devices, whichis not the usual explanation for their use. Perversionis largely based on aesthetic grounds, aesthetic revulsion is mixed with moralcondemnation person still indulge in these acts. The philosopher, Thomas Nagelsays sexual perversion involves an unnatural psychological, not physiologicalstructure. Nagel said that sexual activity in which both people arearoused is moral and natural to human sexuality.  Nagel continue by saying an act cannot beperverted if the individuals are aware of themselves and they are both aroused. However, Thomas Aquinas believesthat the reason for sex is to procreate. God created our bodies for specificfunctions, the penis is for the sperm of life and the vagina is meant toreceive it.                Certainpractices like, fetishism, homosexuality, masturbation with the aid of Pornography,bestiality,  Rape, Pedophilia and sadismare some of the sexual activities that are considered to be pervasive.

 Some of these perversion such as Bestiality,Rape and Pedophilia is by law an illegal and unnatural, while Masturbation,Homosexuality and Fetishism is more of a social abnormality. Base on ThomasNagel analogy of sexual perversion, Anal intercourse  or sex between an animal and a person arenatural in the sense of not violating any law of nature, nature gives peoplethe means to do these things. Nagel believesthat only incomplete sex is perverted, because complete sex involves mutualdesire and embodiment of that desire. He believes that Oral sex and homosexualsex is not perverted.

However, Masturbation, voyeurism, exhibitionism, rape,sex with children & animals, inanimate objects, necrophilia, and sleepingpartners is perverted, because the other person doesn’t return or is notfulfilled by this desire. However, Philosopher, Immanuel Kant, perceive the sexual impulse and acting on it to besomething nearly always, if not necessarily, unbefitting the dignity of thehuman person; they see the essence and the results of the drive to be incompatiblewith more significant and lofty goals and aspirations of human existence; theyfear that the power and demands of the sexual impulse make it a danger toharmonious civilized life; and they find in sexuality a severe threat not onlyto our proper relations with, and our moral treatment of, other persons, butalso equally a threat to our own humanity.Accordingto Plato (427-347 BCE) “masturbation is unnatural because they are neitherprocreative nor consistent with courage and self control. Therefore, because itis not “natural sex” it is considered pervasive.

Masturbation is when a personhave a person stimulates their genitals for sexual pleasure. Pornographysometimes corresponds with masturbation, this is because for masturbation to occur,a visual imagine is needed or a fantasy about something.   In thebible Jesus said “But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully hasalready committed adultery with her in his heart” Matthew 5:28. What the biblein saying is it’s a sin to fantasize about someone that it not your spouse.Masturbation usually involves fantasy, visualization, and often pornography.The Bible is very clear as to what God expects of us in these areas of fantasyand lust.

It teaches that we must not look lustfully at each other nor shouldwe behave in such a manner as to entice others to lust after us.ThomasNagel believes that masturbation is a sexual perversion because it is pervasivebecause it’s a single person who is receiving pleasure.  Moreover, in be considered even mildlyperverse, because it is clearly in the service of a broader project of life-enhancingsexuality, for which the peace of mind and productiveness of the individualconcerned is a prerequisite. Those conditions are ones involving lack orsuspension of normal sexual relations due to unavailability of a partner, forwhatever reason, such as illness, travel, bereavement, or simple unluckiness inlove. In such conditions masturbation is largely a way to relieve sexualtensions or keep sexual distraction under control, and substitutes for whatwould, in more favorable circumstances, be the primary focus of sexualinterest, that is, fully interpersonal sexual relations. Accordingto Sara Ruddick a person can only satisfy their desire if it is fulfilled byanother person.

 Therefore, masturbation canbe seen as a perversion because it is an act that is performed by only oneperson. In Addition, some may argue that masturbation usually by men is used toobjectify a woman’s body and have a sexual pleasure towards her. Somemasturbatory fantasy may involve objectifying thoughts in a person’s mind. Itis just to suggest that most such fantasy, including the most satisfying suchfantasy, arguably does not.

Objectification, as I understand it here, meanssimply treating or regarding or viewing something, such as a person, as if itwere a mere object, one devoid of subjectivity or will. Masturbation is largelya way to relieve sexual tensions or keep sexual distraction under control, andsubstitutes for what would, in more favorable circumstances, be the primaryfocus of sexual interest, that is, fully interpersonal sexual relations. Thedanger to the subject of the pornographically-fueled self-gratifying habit mustbe located elsewhere pornographic arousal sometimes fixates or focus onparticular body parts, ones of greatest arousal value to the subject. But evenhere the background awareness of those parts as being the parts of a living,breathing woman, seat of an independent subjectivity, is crucial to theirarousal value for the normal indulger in pornography. The content is no soonerdistinctly imagined than desire is–for the normal fantasist–effectivelyextinguished. The ordinary consumer of pornography may indeed relish the bodypart and the concourse he wishes to have with it, but it is only as the bodypart of a real woman, whose responses are also being imagined, if in a backgrounded manner, that there is relish in such fantasy. The fact that men useimaginative engagement with pornography as a substitute for physical engagementwith women, which is surely the case, does not entail that men use pornographyas a substitute for women. To conflate them is to equate standard pornography,that is, what one finds in Playboy or Penthouse, with life-size female sexdolls–a very particular sort of sexual paraphernalia.

Indulgence in suchfantasy thus plausibly runs the risk of undermining something valuable inactual sexual lovemaking, insofar as an attitude taken to one woman, even in afantasy setting, may carry over to another interacted with in reality. Itdepersonalizes the woman involved, that is, conceives her as not a person andas instead an object, but that it deindividualizes her, that is, and conceivesher as only generically a person, one possessing a desirable body. It thusstands as a clear threat to the attitude of individualizing attentioncharacteristic of loving sex and thinking of women as persons who areunrealistically subject to one’s own untrammeled will.             Masturbationand watching pornography may engrave a habit of thinking of women as personswho exist precisely for one’s gratification, as much as, or even more than,they exist for their own,  it invites mento think of women as objects–it is really only fetishists, after all, thatfind a sexual use for objects understood as objects–but because it invites andencourages thinking of women as, in order of increasing worrisomeness,available, acquiescent, submissive, subservient, and finally, even slavishparticipants in one’s sexual schemes.

What might be most pernicious for thesubject in engaging regularly in PAM is its tendency to fuel delusions ofgrandeur–or at any rate, to strengthen existing tendencies in thatdirection–ones in which the world instantly accommodates itself to one’sdesires. Regular PAM may tend to reinforce infantile, Napoleonic tendencies,rather than mature ones, involving acceptance of the need to earn life’s goods,including interpersonal ones.             The use of bondage or role play can alsobe seen as a sexual perversion, however, over the years it has become moreacceptable in some society, and this is because it is perform between twoconsenting adults. Bondage can be a means whereby many people can deal withpower and guilt issues. Bondage can also be a form of a submissive and dominantrole, where one of the partners wants to be in full control over the otherbody. A person can display trust and provide a feeling of safety by allowingthem to be tied up.

Being tied up can be a means of experiencing sex in a waythat abdicates the sense of guilty that might accompany freedom andresponsibility.   When a person isin using bondage as a sexually, it usually involves pretending of a non-consent.Some people pretend that they are being abused.

In bondage, couples usuallyhave safe words as a protective device to avoiding anything harmful ordispleasure to the other partner.  Forexample, spanking, it can be pleasurable to an extent until it becomes toopainful or the dominant partner over do it. Spanking is a being playful andwhile experiencing power or surrender to power.

Some persons find pleasure inpain, discomfort & humiliation, which may be pleasurable. Bentham believed that it is acceptable for anyone whowants to indulge – that it produces no harm but pleasure. During sexual arousal some things that might otherwise be painful (such as theapplication of ice) can be pleasurable. But some people will allow themselvesto endure real pain or humiliation if they feel the pleasure or rewards of arelationship still outweigh the benefits. A person may endure cruel treatmentor even beatings for the sake of love or hot sex. In some cases the treatmentis a cost paid for a rewarding relationship.              Sadism concentrateson the evocation of passive self-awareness in others, but the sadist’sengagement is itself active and requires a retention of deliberate controlwhich impedes awareness of himself as a bodily subject of passion in therequired sense. The victim must recognize him as the source of his own sexualpassivity, but only as the active source.

De Sade claimed that the object ofsexual desire was to evoke involuntary responses from one’s partner, especiallyaudible ones. The infliction of pain is no doubt the most efficient way toaccomplish this, but it requires a certain abrogation of one’s own exposedspontaneity. All this, incidentally, helps to explain why it is tempting toregard as sadistic an excessive preoccupation with sexual technique, which doesnot permit one to abandon the role of agent at any stage of the sexual act.Ideally one should be able to surmount one’s technique at some point. According to theutilitarian approach, one is allowed to inflict harm on another for the sake ofhappiness or the benefit of others (Ruse, 1995, pg.

114).  The Christian communityuses the bible to support their argument as to why homosexuality is a sexualperversion. According to the bible “And if a manlie with mankind, as with womankind both of them have committed abomination:they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall surely be upon them”(Leviticus 20:13).

However, Nagel believes that sex is a form ofcommunication between two individuals; therefore in Nagel eyes homosexualitycannot be pervasive since two persons of thesame sex can certainly have complete communication. In addition, RogerScruton argues that homosexuality, though not strictly a perversion, yet vergeson perversion.  He stated that”Homosexual desire may retain the interpersonal intentionality that is normalto us; but there may yet be a moral difference between homosexual andheterosexual conduct.

.. the division between the sexes has–when construedunder the aspect of gender–a certain mysterious quality”The crucial condition,in my view, is that a person enjoy a real measure of freedom as to whether todevelop his heterosexual or his homosexual inclinations. Scruton observed abouthomosexual orientation that arguably makes it at least mildly perverse, at anyrate when viewed as at least partly a matter of choice? (30) It is this. On theassumption that gender, the difference between masculine and feminine, whateverthe extent of its natural basis, marks a highly significant division in thehuman world–something Scruton argues for convincingly elsewhere in hisbook–the choice of homosexual over heterosexual orientation in the sexualarena arguably counts as a suboptimal one, because it offers reduced scope forthe development of certain virtues, such as courage, maturity and trust, whichinitiating and sustaining a heterosexual relationship calls forth.

As such itrepresents a missed opportunity in self-development, a small failure in duty tothe self. homosexuality seems a mildly perverse sexual choice, representing asit does a failure to optimally exploit one’s potential to flourish sexually asa person, because of the greater opportunities for personal exploration andgrowth thereby forgone. Although pedophilia involvesanother human being, and thus allows for complex reciprocal intentionalrelations between parties and a range of shared positive emotions, includinglove, since children are not fully formed persons, and so lack an adult’s levelof rationality and autonomy, sexual relations between adults and childrencannot have the same value as those between adults and adults, even from theperspective of the adult involved. Though there may be reciprocity, there isnot equality. The imbalance in knowledge, power, and experience between pedophileand child severely limits the quality of the sexual relationship that can beestablished between them. The affirmation of self, emotional support, and senseof communion a pedophile might derive from sexual interaction with or sexualacceptance by a child is in debased coin, worth much less than counterpartsderiving from sexual interaction with another adult.

In conclusion, sexual perversionis determined by ones belief or the moral standard and rules of a society. Overa period of time, thing that used to be Taboo, like oral sex and homosexualityare now being accepted and no longer a “perversion” to some. The definition ofsexual perversion reminds a subject to debate.