Senator later be brought into the union as a

Senator Henry clay made a plan with four core supplies which later was known as the Compromise of 1850, this compromise is what put the South against the North (Foner 484).

When the United States won over Mexico, it added more than 1 million square miles(Foner 480). California will later be brought into the union as a free state(Foner 484). This created quite an issue to the government as to how to keep Slaves and Free states in equilibrium. “The Fugitive Slave Laws, that has been pestering the government for a while was brought into play(Foner285).”  “For a while the compromise of 1850 seemed to restored sectional peace and party unity”(Foner285).

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Later in the presidential election of 1852, Franklin Pierce who was a Democrat won, later his Administration turned out to be one of the most disastrous in American history (Foner 486).  Douglas wanted to satisfy the Southerners so he used the simple properties of ‘Popular Sovereignty’. Henry clay wanted to have strict laws to abolish slave trade.In 1856, the Republican party was filled with antislavery democrats. They convinced the Northerners that slave labor is putting a threat to their liberties and aspirations than “popery” and immigration (Foner 490). The party looked upon the ideology of free labor, later because of the Republican Party the contrast between “free society” and “slave society” spread around the world, that made the North identify as the “home of progress, opportunity, and freedom(Foner 491)”. The Southerners believe the opposite of the North, they believed that slavery was the foundation of liberty. The Republicans heard and responded by ending the federal governments support of slavery.

The Republicans were not abolitionists, they just wanted to prevent slavery from spreading. Many party leaders saw the differences between the two regions as a “irrepressible conflict”, in 1858 Senator William H Seward said that “eventually one day this would have to be resolved, these two systems of society, were incompatible within a single nation(Foner 491)”. Seward said, by bringing the whole nation together and closer, it made the situation worse between freedom and slavery. He said the United States, “Must and will, sooner or later, become either entirely a slaveholding nation, or entirely a free labor nation(Foner 491)”.