Self advancements in different fields of human life. Now

Self Discipline:
The foremost need of humanity

what way, human is different than animal? In the beginning, it was insecurity and
fear which lead the human beings to live together in groups or societies.
Because human being is a creature having brain more developed as compare to
other animals, it has larger ability to think rationally. With this biological
difference of having better thinking ability, the idea of physical development in
human race begins. The race of these physical developments is still on and I
believe this race to be continued indefinitely. The human society we see today,
witnessed remarkable changes with many scientific advancements in different
fields of human life.

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to live in a society, there needed some civic rules to be obeyed by every
individual for better living in that society. These rules are less to be framed
but more to be felt e.g. “treat others as you want to be treated by them”.
Inculcation of these rules in one’s life is called self discipline. If we fail
to comply with these rules, policing is required. This policing gets the forced
compliance of these rules. The discipline maintained due to policing may be
called as forced discipline. Obviously, forced discipline will lost till the
time police are present; otherwise we may again start behaving irresponsibly.
In the absence of rationality among other animals, we did not find any social
rules in jungle. There prevails only one rule ‘Survival of the Fittest’ which
means the animal who is most fit in a particular situation will win the race
and survive. However, this does not enable a race to win always but they have
to prove their fitness every time.

this natural way of living inside the jungles, human beings opted to live in a
society guided by some civic rules where they felt more secured. With his
rational ability, humans are leading all other beings on this earth. Hence, to
maintain this leadership, the human race should be self disciplined. A self
disciplined society will never indulge in any activities which harms their

literal meaning of self discipline according to Marriam Webster dictionary is “the ability to make yourself do things that
should be done”  Self discipline is the ability to control one’s
impulses, emotions, desires and behavior consciously for better tomorrow. It is
being able to turn down immediate pleasure and instant gratification in favor
of gaining the long-term satisfaction and fulfillment from achieving higher and
more meaningful goals.

may be many qualities in a human being to be inculcated for his  success in future endeavors but
self-discipline is the most helpful trait needed to accomplish future goals,
lead a healthy  life and ultimately to be
happy on his own and make others feel happier too.

to a latest study, a person with self discipline is happier than without. Such
people spent less time on debating the issues which are detrimental to their
health and were able to make positive decisions easily.  A self disciplined person makes informed and
rational decisions without feeling over stressed or upset. He is really an
asset for whole humanity. To imbibe this wonderful trait in ourselves we should
develop and achieve following sub traits

1.      Person should be informed: In this knowledge
era “Ignorance is not bliss” or we can say in today’s world “ignorance is
bliss” has a very limited applicability for a definite span of our life. A
person must be informed about his do’s and don’ts. Knowing of these do’s and
don’ts is the first step towards obeying these and an informed person only can
take rational decisions. With the information available on the subject, one can
take judicious decisions on that subject and then it does not matter whether
the decisions has its local, national and international impacts.

2.      High Morale: Moral values impart a very high order
of self confidence in a person. A person with strong moral values can face any
situation without fear because there is always selflessness in all his deeds.
Keeping high moral in oneself provokes positive energy level and with this
energy, he can crack any goal in his life. He always takes the challenge
cheerfully. Moral values imbibed, help such person to face any odds in his life
with courage.

3.      Motivation and enthusiasm: To build up self
disciplined character, a person should be highly motivated and enthusiastic. To
inculcate this trait, a person must be optimistic because an optimistic person remains
cheerful and enthusiastic even if he fails to achieve some goals of his life.
He never gives up and convinces himself easily for better tomorrow. With his
optimistic attitude, he is always full of positive energy. An optimistic person
is always relaxed and enthusiastic because he has a hope for better tomorrow.
To imbibe this trait, remove the temptations and surround yourself with
soothing and encouraging items such as motivating slogans and pictures of your goals.

A hope for better tomorrow, excites self
motivation which makes a person enthusiastic, where as a pessimist loses
motivation and enthusiasm because he is hopeless for tomorrow. Motivation can
improve one’s efficiency drastically to perform any task. As said, a person
possess enormous amount of energy to handle any situation in his life .This
faith only, can bring motivation to crack any future goal of an individual. We
can say that a self disciplined citizen not only helps himself but he succeeds
to build a conducive environment around him which circulates positive energy
among the fellow citizens and the nation gets up with enthusiasm every day. I
believe if a nation is enthusiastic, no one can stop him to achieve any future

Dr MK Srivastava

Assistant Professor, Department of Physics

Army Cadet College, IMA, Dehradun-248007

[email protected]