SECURITY There are a number of potential threats and



There are a
number of potential threats and other issues that affect e-commerce. Before
launching an e-commerce website, we need to aware of them what threats we might
have facing in future. Websites can be targets for malicious acts by others.
This can include intentional sabotage or even defacement of the website itself.
User accounts and profiles can also be hacked into and personal information
stolen. Furthermore, websites can be infected by viruses such as Trojan or the
backdoor virus.

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Firewall impact on site performance:
 firewall is a
network security system that controls outgoing and incoming network traffic. A
firewall could be hardware or software based. It works as a barrier. The
software need to be formed to permit or reject communication with websites, as
chosen by the user.

The Threats Firewall Prevent: Firewall
allows a trusted network and block an untrusted network. The traffic only
allowed those one which one is stated in firewall policy, rest of traffic
become blocked.

The Benefits of The Countermeasure Being Used: A firewall works behind your computer constantly.
It can hiding your local data network from the world while letting using the
internet easily. The firewall has the ability to isolate your network from the
attackers. That’s why this is the basic and essential security for internet.

Drawbacks As a Result Of Employing That Countermeasure: firewall is essential for internet security. However,
firewalls cannot deal with all the security problems.

No malware protection: though a firewall blocked untrusted network, but it
cannot block malware. Malicious software and viruses can enter your network
through trusted data like emails, website etc. so in your computer, though you
turn on firewall, you still have the risk of having a virus attack. You need an
anti-malware protection software to protect your computer from the infections.

Required significant technical staffs: though you can set up a firewall for a small company
without any problems, but for big businesses, you need someone to maintain it
for constantly. Computer hardware and software change regularly, and it
requires daily revision to the firewall to keep the network safe and secure.
The complicated type of firewall maintenance needs to hire a significant
technical knowledgeable person to use firewall efficiently.


Computer Viruses: a computer virus is a
type of mini software program that is attached to a genuine executable file and
which is intend to damage the carrier file or other files on the system. It is
capable of coping files itself and typically has a harmful effect, such as
destroying the data or corrupting the system