Sectional such a large furniture piece. When considering the

Sectional sofas.

It’s a love hate relationship for some people but in reality, they have enjoyed a long period of popularity as an interior design element. Their rise to fame stemmed from chain furniture stores promoting them as an easy fix to our seating woes. The piece does provide an easy, and often least expensive, solution to a seating problem – put one in a room and three-quarters of your seating needs are resolved with one piece of furniture. But filling seats is not the best reason for choosing such a large furniture piece. When considering the interior design of your home we don’t want to see just the ‘quick fix’ approach, choosing the right furniture is key, a room has to have certain requirements to accommodate a sectional sofa. Even if you feel that your room has the perfect high ceilings, grandiose proportions or even a tight narrow linear room, the requirement that always matters is a stylistic one. The right space planning is necessary to serving any style you choose to curate within your own home.

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 The modernist movement has come to a fore over the past couple of years, particularly that of Mid-Century modern. This has led to more interest in modern design something which encapsulates clean, simple lines. A sectional sofa can give you this look easily, and with the myriad of different modular options and configurations there will be a design that knits into your home perfectly.  Is your home more traditional, or the overall feel of your room more traditional, from a particular time period? Then I’d highly recommend reconsidering the use of a sectional sofa. Your country chic palette of neutral fabrics and skirted edges does not warrant a large piece of a furniture which does not naturally create a conversational space. Traditional, stylistically, lends it’s look to having separate, moveable furniture.

You can include a sofa with smaller occasional chairs, thus allowing people to congregate while entertaining or formally line up for symmetry in a great room. This look can, however, feel a little forced and ‘expected’. Consider your rooms use, if you are lounging, your focus is in one direction predominately (watching TV or staying warm by the fire) then a sectional is the right choice. But remember, a sectional can be too ‘cosy’, people have to sit very close to one another. This works for a family environment but when your guests have only known each other for a few minutes they may want some personal space. Choosing a sofa allows for that immediate separations and makes people just a little but more comfortable, include ottomans and benches to function the same way as a sectional does, the place to pop your feet up or sit beside that one person really want to get to know.  Remember sectionals are a big commitment.

Likelihood is once the sectional has been measured to fit neatly into your room, it is very unlikely there will ever be a better orientation for it within the same space. The same is true when you move, the sectional that was in your previous home could end up covering a door way in your new