Scope frequency in which these policies are monitored. By

Scope Creep is one of the foremost issues faced byproject management teams. This always wastes money, time, and eventuallydeteriorating the relationship with customers / stakeholder’s.

The uncontrolled changes or additions in the scope oftenresult in the pressure of delivery more than what was expected. Thus, PMOcarters the usual occurrence of scope creep by enhanced planning, documentationof scope and foresightedness.        i.           Monitoring and controlling: Monitoring and controlling its projects is one of themain disputes faced by Ufone. Improved monitoring and controlling isrecommended and desired as to identify the correct state of the project isnecessary as compared to the estimated resources and planned dates. Inachieving any project’s objectives, it is important to allocate the selectioncriterion for acceptance of project variances and threshold:In this aspect, EMP helps the organization toplan standard monitoring policy; It sets the frequency in which these policiesare monitored. By examining them with the barriers, these observations donethrough cognition of monitoring aids the administration. i.

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                   Project Data Reposition:Lack of information sources and dataaccessibility is another from preceding projects is another main dispute facedby the Ufone and its projects. No integrated system existed for the accessof this data and was kept by theconcerned departments or the project owners.Enactment of EPM provided Ufone anamalgamated knowledge based origin of all the projects done previously, are inprogress and the ones being planned to be executed in the future. This providesproject and program managers’ good understanding based source to work, whichwill help them to understand projects similar to the projects done by Ufone inthe past. EPM also gives access to actual time information related to ongoingprojects which helps project manager and the team to identify potential issues,dependencies of these projects linked with other projects and programs. Thus,keeping strong control over the baselines.