“SCARS” to move things with his mind, another ability

“SCARS” “Stop!” yelled Songadore. “Why should I stop you killed my father!” Alex viciously picks up a car and smashes it into the side of Song, making him bullet through a building. “HA! You’re extremely hurt I should just destroy you now!” Alex exclaimed as Song lays on the building floor. “I raised you,” Song explained.

“YOU ALSO KILLED MY FATHER!” Alex grabs Song by the neck and throws him through another building, injuring Song more than he was. “AHAHA” laughed Super Don, as he destroys and disrupts the city. “Song suit up!” demanded Song ll. Song and his brother quickly suit up to finally take down Super Don. Super Don a 15 foot man with an ability that allows him to move things with his mind, another ability he has is super strength. Song and Song ll both have super speed and super strength. “STOP RIGHT THERE DON!” “You two scrawny little men think that you can defeat me?” Don questioned. “Yes we can, you are only tall!” Song ll said.

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Song ll runs up to Don, leaps, kicking him in the face, Song picks up a car throws it like Russell Wilson at Don’s feet causing him to fall over. “HA, seems like you are already hurt.” Song said as he giggled a little. Little did the brothers know, Don has Possession-nator. As Don takes control of Song ll, Don makes him fight his older brother. “Woah, woah! What are you doing? We are on the same team.

” Song ll punches Song in the face knocking him over. “Song stop, PLEASE!” Song yelled. Song ll kicks Song in the private area, picks him up by the neck, throws him, causing him to bullet through a building.

Song ll takes his knife out slashing it down along Song’s face creating a huge scar. Song punching, he super speeds back to their lab grabs the Goliath 2000. “I don’t know why you’re doing this, If you won’t quit I’ll shoot you.” Song shoots Song ll in the chest 4 times. Soon the venom and alcohol will travel to Song ll’s heart, causing him to die. Shortly after, Song sees Don take his 2 fingers off his head realizing Don was controlling him. “No! Song! Come on I didn’t know he was controlling you…” Song crying as he has Song ll in his arms. Song went to his brother’s apartment to now raise his 5 children that Song ll had recently made with his wife that is in prison for assaulting a police officer.

“Hey guys! You’re dad is in Hawaii right now for doing things, he told me I’d have to take care of you until he comes back. “OKAY!!” the kids replied. Song raised 5 kids at the same time, and Song gave all 5 of them super powers. The oldest kid, his name is Alex, he’s the leader of the team. Adam he’s the muscle, Austin the weapon guy, Alvin the lookout, and Bob he’s the nerd/ smarty.

“Alex go tell your brothers to suit up, there’s going to be an eruption down at YellowStone park. Find a way to stop it.” Song demanded.

“On it Sir! Alright guys we’re going on a mission to stop an eruption