? saw him leaving with one bag in his

? *THE SUDDEN DEATH OF IBRAHIM DASUKI,  A LESSON FOR US*? By Abdurazaq Shege        ?Death is really surprising and unexpected. On that sunny day, I saw him leaving with one bag in his hand. I calmly asked “Dasuki, where are you going”, he sighed, smiled and replied “I am going home *”nifa”* buh I will be back next few days because am going for an excursion next week”. *Subhanallah* He promised to be back in the next few days.Interestingly enough, two days after, I was outside in front of student affairs waiting patiently for my friend (Hayatullahi), so while waiting I scrolled through my apps until I got to my whatsapp app. I clicked on it, then I received the news from a brother (Sagay) that Dasuki has kicked the bucket, I was abruptly arrested with shock. I processed the news for almost a minutes experiencing a range of emotions; My response was *”Subhanallah, Are you for real”*I didn’t wait for his reply before the tears started flowing freely on my cheeks; hitting the table with small spattering noises; I couldn’t feel anything except the burning, tearing feeling in my heart. Anxiously, I didn’t waste much time outside, I walked straight to the hostel to broadcast the news; Hostel that day was full of sadness, lamentations and depression. People started declaring loudly,  what a pretty cool, friendly, religious and God-fearing person (in reference to dasuki’s charming personality). Such is life, death took him away without any prior notice or warnings. He himself didn’t know he would meet his death. (May Allah forgive his shortcomings and admit him to Aljanat fridaus). Hmm! Brothers in faith, who’s next, we don’t know, walahi tomorrow is not guaranteed, life can be taken away from you in less than a seconds. So don’t take anything for granted, repent now before it’s too late.Dear brothers, Fear Allah and leave the pleasure of this dunya (life) for the sake of akhira, stop Parri (party),  Don’t go for that picnic tomorrow; Don’t go to that Party and dancing competition scheduled to hold next month; Repent today; don’t procrastinate;  Deaths is on its way.  The life of this world is only an enjoyment of deception; so prepare for death, it’s real,  everyone shall taste it be it poor or rich, old or young, Leader or led. Allah said in his amazing verse that*”Every soul shall taste death….”*Q3v175….Allah also said in suratul Nisai Q4v78 that *”Wheresoever you maybe, death will overcome you even if you are in a fortress built up strong and high”*So it’s an unadulterated reality, that death will come to us when it’s time even if we choose to forget it out of love of this world. To this end, Let us anticipate our death by good actions, we will surely be left in our grave with our deeds either good or bad and regret is reaching our grave without enough good deeds.####So prepare, Death is near. (+2348171554941)[email protected] more of Shege’s write ups visit