Sarah Yet, in order to achieve further success and

Sarah Mohamed


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Dr. V. Kumar

TQM601 / Planning
and Continuous Improvement

January 9th,


Introduction to Total Quality Management


TQM is considered as a management
philosophy which includes and joins all business, processes, and systems of an
organization into one sector. As an example, according to Ilies, he defined
total quality management’s function as to come up with conditions that work can
be done better and in a perfect way, and that they can adopt it from the
beginning of their process or work and use it through out the steps and phases.
So, he aimed to satisfy customers more, and to develop the staff that work and
carry the workload in order to achieve better processing. Moreover, he insisted
that organizations should highlight the costs of poor quality and how it may
affect their companies’ in a very negative way, and how it can somehow reflect
a bad outcome on the companies and their revenues. Keeping also in mind the
importance on analyzing activities and processes according to the environment,
customers, and culture in order to overcome any obstacles that might face them.
Those processes and activities that has been already established, should also
be corrected and adjusting according to changing situations and conditions, all
in order to aim for the best quality and customers’ satisfaction. As an
example, in this assignment I will discuss the TQM in Emirates’ airline


Quality Management in Emirates’ Airline


First of all, I will introduce you to
Emirates’ Airline company, it was started by United Arab Emirates government
back in 1985. Today, its considered as one of the best airline companies
worldwide covering almost 56 countries. It has a huge number of employees
counted for around 40,000 and it departures from many worldwide airports. Yet,
in order to achieve further success and maintain their high level of service,
its important for the to think precisely and wisely regarding their upcoming


Emirates airline developed the total
quality management method by developing concepts which focus at the core of their
well-defined and integrated approach to help them provide the highest quality
products and services and to assure that their products and services are
conducted in a very professional way with high standards and qualities. They
also kept a new goal that targeted the Emirates Group Security in which they
can improve themselves day by day, which will eventually lead to better outcomes
in the future. This is achieved by each and every person is concerned about the
development of the company he or she works in and that when a leader is
nominated is surely a quality control circle leader, along with his or her team


Moreover, based on what is mentioned earlier,
they come up with a sector that dealt with issues like that, named the Quality
Assurance division. It is responsible for making sure and monitoring all the
other departments in the company that they are all working and following the
Quality Management System which is considered an international very strict,
standard and rules that is set and written the government. It is developed to
the a well  known standard known as the
ISO 9001:2000 standards.  


In addition, another unit named as the
Security Planning unit is also a part of the company. This unit helps in coming
up and developing all the security plans, systems, way of doing things, and
ways or methods by which things are being done. Furthermore, it contains all
the possible processes that are involved in some building projects starting
from the very beginning stages which is planning to the advanced and late
stages along with providing a good support service to the well known Emirates’
group wide security program to make sure that all work is done on time with the
best standards and quality.


On the other hand, the Quality Assurance and Planning Team had many main responsibilities
they were asked to do such as: being assured that they should stay compliant
with whatever the National or International Regulatory authorities in the
country say or ask for. Moreover, its important to make sure too that a document
control along with a record management system is developed with high standards.
Internal quality audits should also be taken in consideration and also to check
if there were any spot inspections that could be missed. Increase awareness
about the quality management to all training employees, those who are new or
are already working in the company for few years or months.