SaaS: to ensure the availability of the service. The

SaaS: The business model for excellence on the internetThere are different models to face an Online Business strategy. In this post we will focus on one of the most characteristic Internet models, the SaaS (Software as a Service), since from my point of view, this is the model par excellence on the Internet, since it is the model that can Grow exponentially, and make your project a success (make you rich)  :)I can not continue the article without focusing on the last part of the previous paragraph, yes yes, to make you productive. First, we must clarify that on the Internet, as in life itself, it is not easy to get rich, there are those who get it, but there are also hundreds of other people who earn nothing.What is SaaS? (Software as a Service)Clarified the above, we are going to what matters, the SaaS model (“Software as a Service” or in Spanish “Software as a Service”) or  also called “On-demand” (Software on demand) is a software distribution model in that both software and data are centralized and hosted on a private server external to the company. The client accesses them through a network connection, in general through the Internet, in a way that frees user companies from the maintenance of applications, operation, and technical support.This implies that the software used by the company is not in it, but instead that a technological software provider maintains ownership of the application, manages it directly, takes charge of the installations, and hosts the software in the cloud. , maintenance, supplies, updates, processing, security and other requirements necessary to ensure the availability of the service. The company that hires (buys) the user accesses the software and all its data through a web browser or an application client, from any computer. That means that all the information, processes, results, etc. stored in this software are easily accessible from anywhere. Both the software and the data are centralized and hosted on a single server.What does it imply that you can operate with applications hosted on external servers? The main novelty is that the use of the software is no longer based on the installation of the application on the local computers of the company. Any worker can access the program from anywhere in the world without the need for prior installation, a significant advantage for companies operating globally. Also, the costs of licensing, maintenance and support are reduced, and mobility is improved.The idea is that what we  sell is the use of an online system, and more specifically we sell every use that is made, that is, I do not sell software (you buy it, you install it, and you can use it as much as you want), but we  sell the occasional use thereof . About us:The technological development company, are usually high specialists in web engineering and Online Business, so the usability of the software is easy and intuitive. Also, users can test the different functionalities of the software before making the final purchase.