Roosevelt 1891 that authorized him to set aside public

Roosevelt averted a national emergency in dealing with the 1902 coal mine strike in Pennsylvania.

The strike was in by the United Mine Workers of America they demanded higher wages at least 10% and instead of ten days only nine days of work. When the mine owners refused and believed the public would be on their side they were mistaken. The President threatened to seize the means and run the business without them. He threatened to use federal troops against the business coal owners if they didn’t negotiate in good faith (648). After the release of Upton Sinclair’s, The Jungle talking about the unsanitary and revolting packing in the food productions for meat. Roosevelt pushed Congress to pass the Meat Inspection Act and the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906.

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This established that the ingredient is placed on a label of the drug packaging and that bands that sold meat products have a sanitary condition for slaughter and processing houses. (650)The creation of National Parks he opened five new parks as well as eighteen national monuments over 100 million acres of national forest. He first set out with the Reserve Act of 1891 that authorized him to set aside public forest as national parks or reservations. Roosevelt was making history as he established one of the parks systems greeting patrons. (651)Newland Act – Federal Land sold in 1902 authorized to collect money and western states and use funds to develop irrigation projects. Roosevelt made the Conservation a national issue and aimed to construct a Roosevelt Dam that preserved the nations shrinking forest.

(651). The Interstate Commerce Act of 1887 – created the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) it monitored railroads. Roosevelt main goal was to regulate the railroads, so eh establish date Elkins Act of 1903 and the Hepburn Act Of 1906 the curb the power of the railroads. The Elkins Act of 1903 put fines on railroads and shippers that were making corporation illegal. (647)