Romeo on exploring this tragic story we find Tybalt

Romeo and Juliet is an extraordinary story due to all events that take place. Fate was not what drove romeo and juliet’s destiny to their ending, it was their naive actions and decisions that drew them to a sad ending. Romeo and juliet is a tragic love story that takes place in the 1500’s, Romeo was lovesick with a girl named Rosaline but she didn’t love him back, benvolio and Romeo hear that there is a capulet ball and decide to crash the party only to caught a glimpse of Rosaline at the capulet party.

Romeo than spots Juliet and instantly falls in love with her, he stares at her and than approaches her and asks her dance, and then kiss. After sharing that wonderful moment with juliet Romeo and juliet get married the next day. Later on exploring this tragic story we find Tybalt wanting to kill Mercutio, Romeo tries to stop the fight but he was deeply in love, Mercutio then gets killed by Tybalt. Romeo was furious and gets revenge on Tybalt by killing him. Romeo and juliet have a lack of knowledge towards their destiny and are very naive.

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   When juliet says “what’s in the name? That which call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet; so romeo would, were he not romeo call’d (2.2.43). Juliet’s understanding towards the last name of Romeo is very naive because, Romeo’s last name is the Montague and Juliet belongs to the Capulets.

For juliet to know that a relationship can exist with a gentleman from another family is very outrageous and ignorant. For years the Montague and the Capulets have endured a feud among the two households and these households are what generate all the conflicts between the two tribes, Juliet makes a very naive discussion because she did not take into consideration that the consequences are going to be very different than what they have planned for their destiny. Fate did not plan this pathway way for romeo and juliet it was their own ignorance that took place. Romeo was also foolish to try and gain a relationship with a women that belonged to a family that is against the montague. Romeo was deeply in love with juliet that he sacrificed himself and his family.Romeo and Juliet are very young children and do not have a clue with what they are destined to, Romeo is a 15 year old young man and juliet is a 13 year old gal. romeo and juliet are in deeply in love, juliet tells romeo “If that thy bent of love be honourable, Thy purpose marriage, send me word tomorrow,” By one that I’ll procure to come to thee (2.

2.143-145). In that quote Juliet asks romeo to get married, Romeo and juliet are drugged with love.Juliet takes into consideration that this relationship will destroy their lives if not planned carefully, but then she ignorantly accepts the marriage. What romeo and Juliet did not take into consideration is that the Romeo and Juliet are only children.  Romeo and Juliet are further too young to be bailing on their families over love that the believe fate is leading them to.

Romeo and Juliet had a lack of knowledge on what their destiny is, they are inexperienced to get married and plan their future. After their marriage Romeo and juliet are more devoted to give up their lives to each other and they can no longer live without each other. Shakespeare stories are very tragic, which is why Romeo and Juliet should not have rushed into getting married because in the end the result was the death of others such as mercutio and them committing suicide over love.

After all the events that romeo and juliet have been through such as, Juliet being impelled to get married to Paris, romeo having to lose one of his beloved friend Mercutio, Romeo committing a crime by killing tybalt to avenge his friend Mercutio, Romeo getting banished from the city that he grew up in and lived his whole life in. Romeo and juliet limited to see each other due to Romeo being banished from Verona. All these events led up to the plan with friar laurence and Juliet. This plan had nothing to do with fate since it was planned by Friar laurence and Juliet, they were planning their own pathway to their tragic death. Romeo and Juliet were capable to run away and live a delightful life filled with love and romance, but it was their lack of knowledge that got them to their death beds at a very young age. When Romeo finds Juliet laying on her “deathbed” he assumes that Juliet is dead.Romeo kisses Juliet on the lips quotes her beauty by saying “the yoke of inauspicious stars From this world-wearied flesh” (5.

3.111–112). He than drinks the poison and kills himself. Juliet awakens to Romeo holding the bottle of poison dead, Juliet attempts to kill herself by kissing Romeo’s lips, Juliet fails to kill herself, she than reach for Romeo’s dagger and says “happy dagger,” “happy” (5.3.

168) and stabs herself to her death. Fate was not responsible for Romeo’s and juliet’s tragic ending it was there own naive decision making and their lack of knowledge on handling such situation.Fate does not play a big role in this shakespearean tragic story, it was heavily based on Romeo and Juliet making poor decisions such as, falling in love while knowing the ongoing feud between the two families Montague and Capulet, getting married without their parents consent, bailing on their families. These are all