Reyna with that sport,and she also helped the dallas

Reyna Rodriguez1/24/2018TR1Jen Welter Jennifer Welter was a girl from Vero Beach, Florida that played tennis because that was the sport she loved. Since she was a good tennis player she was ranked for state and started traveling for tournaments. Then, since she was doing so good a famous  tennis player trained her. She loved tennis with all her heart but when she went back she had a new coach and that coach told her that her height was not a good one and that she was also too slow to be playing tennis with the big leagues so she got mad and got out of the tennis team,after that she got interest in soccer and her teammates loved and supported her. Once in soccer she was the soccer captain for 2 times in high school and since she was way good in soccer and was a valedictorian she hoped to get a scholarship out of it to play at Stanford but that offer never came to her. After high school she went to Boston college, there she played rugby as her sport,and she also earned a degree on business,but then after college she went to the football alliance of woman and she played 14 seasons because she was amazed with that sport,and she also helped the dallas diamonds lead to four titles. In 2010-2013 she had the success of her life because while playing sport she won a lot of rewards because of her amazing sporting. After that she went back to school and earned a masters in sporting, but she wanted to be more successful so she went for a doctorate on studying psychology from the Minnesota University.Her love for football was so unexplainable she decided to join the NFL to be a quarterback. With a lot of  years of experience and a lot of degrees she decided to retire from  playing football and now she focused on being a football coach,but she was a coach assistance for the Texas revolution, a football team of mens of the football league. Then the head coach of that team gave a little help to Jennifer and called the Cardinal because he saw a lot of success on her and he knew she was going to be the greatest coach of all time. A lot of people got mad at him but because he saw a future on her he decided to help her out. Afterwards she became the coach of the Cardinals a NFL football team.