Research value of Egypt MBAs to managerial performance, employability

Research objectives

In this study, we will examine the impact of MBA on the student’s
improvement However, there is still much to learn about the nature of the
impact of an MBA education.

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The lack of such information inhibits MBA program planners and
employers from making effective program revisions to meet their needs and
desires This paper is focused on the impact of a professional education program
MBA (Master of Business Administration) specialized on the public
administration sector with representatives of MBA program students in Cairo
university in order to ascertain the changes especially in the area of
managerial skills.

The objectives of the present study are to explore and analyze the
aims of those who take an MBA and to examination the following hypotheses:

an MBA will increase competence and knowledge of the participants.

an MBA will provide wide knowledge and managerial skills.

Significance of

The business community’s increasing demand for managers who have
acquired excellent managerial skills has led to an explosion in a demand for
graduate courses in management. After all, the conventional wisdom is that
individuals with a master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) generally
perform better in managerial positions than those who do not hold an MBA degree
(Baruch and Peiperl,2000). Studying for an MBA appears to be a foolproof
investment for a solid career in corporate Egypt, and as a result the
reputation of MBA programs has soared over the last decade. At the same time,
trying to catch up with the increasing demand for graduate management
education, Cairo University have been setting up new MBA programs.

What is far less clear is whether these newly established MBA
programs have a significant impact on prospective managers’ set of skills
needed on graduation day. Actually, there is a remarkable dearth of information
concerning the added value of Egypt MBAs to managerial performance,
employability and career advancement and this empirical study tries to provide
some insights into these issues.

The present study attempts to offer some insights into the
contribution of an MBA program on improving graduates skills ,in Cairo
university, as an MBA contributes considerably to most of the managerial
skills, and it fill the gap between first undergraduate academic degree and
business needs.   

The MBA also helps graduates to find enriched jobs with increasing
the earning over time. On the other hand, it is found that an MBA degree tends
to enhance graduates’ careers in both economic boom and decline periods.

MBA & Equivalent Courses are the only educational programs
which claim to develop student’s Management and business skills’ it has become
very popular, among students and corporate country’s most sought after ‘post graduate’

A Master of Business Administration is an internationally
recognized business degree. It is academic in nature and yet provides practical
preparation for individuals in business and management. An MBA can not only
complement professional experience, but an MBA graduate is able to command a
higher salary than his or her colleague who does not have the degree.

‘MBA opens a window of opportunities for a person with the intelligence and
drive to take advantage of this degree’ (Bolton, 2005).Having an MBA is
perceived by many as a passport to senior managerial roles and a `fast Track’
career. Prospective students are typically concerned with acquiring managerial
competencies quickly and efficiently, and thus `leapfrogging’ peers and improving
career prospects. In t