Recommendation in solving doubts when approached by fellow students.

Recommendation letter


the Head of Department for Automobile Engineering, it gives me great pleasure to
recommend Mr. Meetkumar Jayeshbhai Patel for pursuing his higher studies in
your esteemed institution. He is one of the most promising student among the
students I had came across. I have known him from past 2 years and have found
him to be aspiring and sincere student.

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found him to be a student who is endowed with the rare traits of a strong
knowledge of the fundamentals and has the ability and willingness to see both
on the fine-detail scale and The Big Picture. He has an inquisitive mind and
good interpretation abilities that will greatly facilitate research work at
your university. An intelligent and hard-working student, Meet has a natural
inclination for research and technology. This inclination stems from his
curious bent of mind and a nature of questioning. He has the ability to voice
his ideas clearly, which greatly enhances his expressiveness in solving doubts
when approached by fellow students. His extreme interest, persistent attitude
and intellectual curiosity drive him to get deeply involved in his work and
excel in it.

a personal level, Meet is a well-disciplined, industrious, enthusiastic, and
well-rounded student with a pleasant personality. He is unstinting in his
efforts to keep abreast with the latest technologies, indefatigable in showing
the applications of theory to practice in laboratory. His assignments are very
clear and presented in exquisite way with clear hand writing. He has performed
various projects like E-Clutch, Air Compressed Engine, and System and Structure
Incorporated for Lifting of Vehicle. The projects gained excellent credit score
and this represents his knowledge and research deeply into his area of interest.

from academics, Meet – as member of the Association for Automobile Engineers in
this institute – took part enthusiastically in various competitions and
activities. He was one of the team members of BLACKHAWKS which represented our
institute for all over India competition in BAJA SAE INDIA 2016, to compete
against more than 300 teams across the country. This achievement was
praiseworthy and has given him great opportunity to gain knowledge in
designing, manufacturing and other various methods involved to make a tough and
rugged All Terrain Vehicle. His internships at Mahindra & Mahindra and
renowned automotive brand Mercedes Benz has raised the levels of his knowledge
up to vast extent and given him practical applications of various theories.

my opinion, he has a rich blend of creativity, temperament and discipline
required for a person who desires a career in Engineering. He has the capacity
to work effectively and efficiently in a group and as an individual. I
therefore, recommend him enthusiastically for the Graduate Studies in your University.
I am certain that he will keep up his potential and bring laurels to your
institution. I wish him all the success in his future endeavours.


Mr. Tushar Thakar

Assistant Professor &
Head of Department – Automobile Engineering

L.J. Institute of
Engineering and Technology

Email – [email protected],
Mo. No. – +91 972671 1507