Raymond that Cerebral Cortex is an area of the

Raymond is an Autistic savant which is a person has profound talent and abilities far to consider normal. Raymond has Autism so there are the cause and possible treatments for the disorder. The Biological Perspective affects his emotions, memory (his memory is fantastic), his personality, his mental processing and his speech.

In the beginning of the movie, Charlie believes that Raymond is faking his disorder because he does not understand that it’s a biological disorder. Since it’s a Biological disorder would affect his brain so part of the brain is missing or not reacting well. I found that Cerebral Cortex is an area of the brain responsible for higher mental functions, general movement, and behavioral reactions. Hippocampus makes it possible to remember new information and recent events. For example, when I was 4 years old my dad was shot in front of my own eyes and resulting in long-term effects in my childhood until my adult life.

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I was diagnosed PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) so my hippocampus was smaller than other people who aren’t affected. Raymond would have a problem with coordination and speaking issue not finishing his sentence. The cerebellum is in the back of the brain. It’s responsible for motor activity, coordinate, and muscles using for speaking. Humanistic Perspective is coming altogether from beginning to ending for both Charlie and Raymond.

In the beginning, Charlie only wants the money from Raymond, but by the end of the movie, Charlie realizes he does not want the money and he loves his brother. Charlie experiences personal growth. Charlie had to try many things to endure while traveling with Raymond. I would cry while Charlie and Raymond dancing in the hotel together.

It shows you that Charlie who was someone who wanted half of the money but shown to love Raymond with his heart. The Psychodynamic Perspective would affect the pain of the person and what occurred to them. When Charlie turns on the hot water, Raymond gets very frightened. The behavior is caused by childhood trauma.

When Raymond and Charlie were little, Raymond tried to give Charlie a bath but he ended up scalding him, which caused Raymond to get sent away.