Raphael Raphael included himself and famous sculptor Michelangelo in

Raphael – The School of Athens Good afternoon everyone, welcome to Art and History Museum, I’ll be your tour guide today. Everyone here chose the Renaissance program specifically Raphael’s artwork, the School of Athens. As you may or may not know Raphael was a famous artist of the Renaissance. Renaissance was a period in Europe from the 14th century to the 17th century. Renaissance began in Florence, France. The Renaissance focus on humanism, art, science, and music. During the time trade expand, people became wealthier, they start to support artists by being a patron. The artists started to add details to their painting and would be related to human flaws. Renaissance created one of the most iconic artist, Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino. Raphael was an Italian artist, he was into painting in his early life. He mastered the techniques of artist Petro Perugino, a rather successful artist in Perugia. Raphael became an innovative artist, he was well known for his artwork and a top tier artist in the Renaissance. Raphael’s famous artwork, the School of Athens.(meantime take the artwork toward the camera) It was produced between 1509 and 1511, it depicts the life of an academy from Classical Greece. The artwork shows subject must be mastered, astronomy, geometry, and arithmetic. In the center of the painting, Plato and Aristotle are shown, they were two well-known philosophers from Classical Greece. Artists and writers during the Renaissance will often look for inspiration for Greece for inspiration.The School of Athens shows the specific people inside the artwork. There are many scholars who have been identified in this picture. This indicates this work is filled with details, enough to let people identify who is who. Raphael included himself and famous sculptor Michelangelo in the painting too. Renaissance artist took ideas from Greece and focus on philosophy, they start using the technique of perspective and detail in their painting.This artwork holds a significant place in the history of art because it expresses the importance of humanism. Humanism focus on solving human problems through logical reasoning. Raphael took philosophical ideas from famous Greek philosophers, those philosophers also argue that everything can be explained through rationalism. The School of Athens is definitely a masterpiece, it demonstrates the aspect in Renaissance and is an iconic work by Raphael Sanzio.