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Quite a few people smoke cigarettes all around theworld on a daily basis. Although, production and sale of cigarettes contributeto a country’s economy it may actually be argued that should production and saleof cigarettes be made illegal? More and more people are arguing on this topicover the years. For one reasons, cigarette smoke contains 4000+ chemicals whichharm our body. Secondly, cigarette affects our body’s respiratory systemdrastically. Lastly, it financially affects a person due to the addictiontowards it. I believe that manufacturing of cigarettes should be illegal forthe benefits to humans.First of all, cigarette smoke contains over 4000chemicals which harm our body in some or the other way.

One of those chemicalsis Benzene. In cigarettes, Benzene is used to seal the paper with the tobacco.According to investigation, it is found that contact to Benzene causes cancerof the blood cells. Along with chemicals there are also various toxic gasespresent.

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Carbon Monoxide is found in cigarette smoke. It can rapidly killpeople due to exposure in large measure. Carbon Monoxide is the gas released incar exhausts. Carbon Monoxide is produced in cigarette when the tobacco andpaper scorch. There are many other toxic gases present such as HydrogenCyanide, Butane and Methane.

In addition, production and sale of cigarettes shouldbe made illegal as cigarette smoking has no medical value whatsoever. Cigarettecontains heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, beryllium, chromium,nickel and arsenic. According to the US National Cancer Institute, exposure tothese metals can lead to numerous types of cancer. The filter used in cigaretteis made out of Vinyl Chloride. When the smoke passes through the filter VinylChloride is also picked up on the way. This chemical rises the risk of brainand lung cancer, as well as leukemia and lymphoma.

Furthermore, smoking cigarettes not only damages thebody’s respiratory system’s protective mechanic but continue to stab it. Thereare many more risks caused by cigarette smoking which include diseases such asChronic Bronchitis and Emphysema. These diseases block the path through whichoxygen enters the main blood stream to the heart. In minor cases, it can leadto the pulmonary (name associated to lungs) artery to narrow in terms of lumenwidth. Apart from the damage to the smoker, the people who are in thesurrounding of the individual are also at a risk of these diseases. The smokeexhaled by the individual’s mouth is actually worse than what he breathes.There are many kids and adolescents affected due to this reason. Cigarettesmoking is also one of the reasons of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) also knownas heart attack or cardiac arrest.

According to a survey, if a woman smokesduring pregnancy the threat is passed onto the offspring. Finally, nicotine present in cigarettes make it worse.Nicotine is a drug which is a substance that causes an addiction towardscigarettes. Once you start smoking, it’s difficult to quit! By lighting uptwenty cigarettes a day, smokers end up wasting $2041 on an average per annumeven after choosing an inexpensive brand. There is also long term financialimpacts as the problems caused by cigarette smoking require a large amount tobe cured. An individual can save $7.5 to $12.

6 a week by quitting the habit. Italso distracts an individual from their job.Some people ignore the negative impact of cigarettesmoking. They believe that there are no health problems caused by it. Researchand science justifies all of the risk involved in cigarette smoking. It isdifficult to stop smoking in a snap but reducing some number daily/weekly willcertainly do the job. But stopping it is necessary in a longer period of time.

Still the main problem is that the damaged caused even by smoking one cigaretteis irreversible!Keeping people free from health problems, stopping theaddiction and wastage of money are strong reasons to make production and saleof cigarettes illegal. Every day that goes without making them illegal meansthat people will continue to face problem regarding their health. Let’s makeproduction and sale of cigarettes illegal as soon as possible!