Product Product Nothing is known of Phoenicis Research Center.

Product Review:
Magnum FX Male Enhancement Gel


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Magnum FX Male Enhancement is a topical Gel/Lotion/Cream
made specifically to improve the erectile state and size (several inches in
length and girth) of a man’s penis with a simple application, stimulating the
blood flow to the area thus hardening it. Ads make
strong claims about the product working within seconds of applying.

The Company behind
the Product

Nothing is known of Phoenicis Research Center. The supposed
makers of Magnum FX. On investigating, nothing can be found about the company
nor if it produces any other products of a similar type.

Magnum FX Claims:

Increases stamina and staying power, in other
words, stay harder for longer

Increases girth by up to 2.6 inches within
seconds of application

Increases length by up to 3.8 inches within
seconds of application

Gives an erection within 60 seconds of

Retains penis growth and stamina through continual use


Magnum FX

No published information is given regarding the ingredients
of Magnum FX, it is a Gel and on researching similar types of products it was
discovered most were commonly composed of magnesium stearate,
croscarmellose, calcium hydrogen phosphate (anhydrous), and microcrystalline
cellulose. That is not to say Magnum FX has these, just that it’s a possibility
as nothing can be found to substantiate this.

How does the Product

Application of the gel
is simple, you squeeze two small amounts (approximately the size of an inch
diameter) directly onto the penis and massage in.

Pros to using Magnum

A promised 365-day
money back guarantee

No systemic side-effects as MagnumFX is a
topical product

It is fast acting

Easy application in a handy sized tube

Cons to using Magnum

Magnum FX is very expensive

No ingredients are listed anywhere

Highly exaggerated penis growth claims

Highly exaggerated reaction time claims

No corroborative
reviews found anywhere online

Results of using
Magnum FX

On researching this product it would appear very little is
known about the actual results obtained; there are numerous spurious claims
stating that it is ‘amazing’ and works ‘super well’ that they had ‘fantastic
results’ but nothing to actually substantiate them.

Where can this
product be bought?

You can buy this product online directly from their website
or auctions sites such as eBay, the prices vary
considerably.  Given the lack of
substantive evidence regarding Magnum FX, it is not recommended that someone
looking for this type of product, waste their money.

Is it a Scam?

It would appear to be, sadly, a scam, due to the lack of
knowledge about the product, the fact that the company is unknown and apparently
untraceable and the fact that ingredients are not available anywhere either
online nor on the product itself. So much like the Anti-aging cream Ephemere,
there is little to promote or recommend Magnum FX.

Side Effects of
Magnum FX:

As the product is topical and as there are no known,
substantiated reviews, it is not possible to say whether there are any side
effects to using this product.


Magnum FX, as an idea, a gel that is easily applied and
works within seconds sounds amazing. Sadly, in reality, when someone says ‘It’s
too good to be true’ it usually is just that. Too good to be true.