Problem:10% Income Cut Off (LICO).5% of the Canadian population

Problem:10% of the Canadian population is below the Low Income Cut Off (LICO).5% of the Canadian population is below the poverty line. Large amounts of these people go hungry throughout the year. These people do not get enough nutrients per day. Their bodies need these vitamins and minerals to function. Hypothesis:The Sifi Bar is a meal supplement/replacement bar that has all the nutrition that the average adult needs in a meal. By using natural ingredients the Sifi Bar packs in all the vitamins and minerals needed for one meal. The Sifi Bar is hoping to be inexpensive to manufacture so that it can be donated to shelters and food banks in rough times. How I made it: 1. Gather all ingredients2. Bake spinach in oven at 200* F until completely dry3. Place spinach, wheat germ, almonds, and bananas (dried) in the grinder and grind into crunchy powder.4. Squeeze citrus fruit (oranges) into juice.5. Mix orange juice into whole honey (thicker honey)6. Put dry ingredients into a large bowl and stir in the orange honey7. Stir in almonds, dates, and goji berries8. Portion into rectangular bars9. Put into oven at 200*F until solid10. Package and enjoyProblems faced while making product:- The honey was originally too thin and wouldn’t hole together the bar.- Bar was not appetizing to look at – Dehydrator did not work properly, used the low heated oven instead- Not enough fiber in barsConcluding Statement: The Sifi Bar has the nutrients that the average person needs in a meal, and is a proper meal supplement/replacement. With the hurried life style of today’s world people are missing meals, as well as those less fortunate who miss meals for other reasons. The Sifi Bar is an affective way to get the nutrients needed for a meal. This can be used in the real world for food banks, youth and homeless shelters, and other poverty food programs, as well as a substitute for busy people on the go. There are improvements that can be made to the bar, such as adding more fiber. Adding more fibrous ingredients and making the bars larger can make these improvements. The Sifi Bar Company would be a nonprofit company that manufactures the bars and sells them to the general population to pay for the manufacturing of the bars that are donated to food banks, shelters, and other food related programs.