Political ways which to save more money to help

Political·Applehas a high dependent on lower costs which manufactures in China.·Anotherbad political relation is with the U.S and different countries which may havebad outcomes for Apple.·Majorityof Apples products are sold worldwide and half of them come from othercountries other than America.·Applehave other cost findings and may have ways which to save more money to helpmake a better revenue.Economical·Aneconomical factor is that customers spend less money on Apple products due tothe fact Apple are more expensive compared to their competitors.·Dueto Europe’s economic changes and difficulties there has been a decrease insales for Apple in Europe as the Pound has fallen.·Dueto inflation there has been an increase for labour costs in China which has ledto increased prices for Apples products.Social·Appleis seen worldwide and is on all international social medias promoting theirproducts.·Applehave increased sales through Social media as they have joined the top networksto help promote the business such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat.·Thepurchasing of apple products has increased due to people wanting luxuryproducts and having a great phone which can nearly do everything from voicecalls to video calls.Technological ·Technologyis always growing and other competitors are creating better software’s so it’simportant for apple to upgrade their products and make better software’s tostand out from their competitors as technology has a short lifetime andproducts can start to run slow.·Appleshould try and provide a better safely solution to outgrow any menacecybercrimes.·Dueto other companies offering the same products and services at lower costs ittherefore leads customers to not buy from apple and shows that they are notunique as other companies are offering the same services.Legal·Nokia sued Apple in 2009 forinfringement which relates to Nokia’s wireless technology.·Over the years Apple have been innumerous of cases with HTC and Samsung.·They also entered high regulatedfinancial sector by Apple pay.Environmental·Appleaffect the environment by disposing any products which don’t work or any usedproducts which people don’t want anymore.·Chinaare trying to reduce fossil fuel which could lead to an increase of electricityrates and the manufacturing costs could also go up for Apple.