Political political environment is possibly the least likely components

 Political parties can be termed as an associations formed by citizens that enable individuals to have influences on government affairs and process. Political parties have effective decisions on government. Also they have a big role in the society, that offers freedom of choice, give important information to citizens and ensures the people that the government fulfills its promises.

             Political parties through their elected members make policies and legislations in a country. It is therefore there duty to inform citizens about policies and regulation in a country, the role insures the people what happens inside the country. Every political party has its own ideology, for example united state has two important parties, which is Democracy and Republic. Democracy is based on the idea that all citizens are equal and have the same rights under the law, the people elect it and they feel that the government should decide and do what its right. Therefore, Republic is there should be no monarchy and people should choose their leaders in the government. Political party may be large or small, local or national. There are a lot of political parties around the world the common ones are democratic party and republic, there is even one party system, two part system, and three party system. In Europe most of the countries are multiparty system, so that each party can get a clear majority of votes.

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Political parties has affect on small business, for example, the market condition that affect consumer behavior and the amount of assistance offered to small business by the government. It can even have an impact on taxes levied on business and individuals. Economic policies can also influence interest rate throughout the economic. The political environment can affect business intuition in many ways; it could increase the risk factor and might lead to a significant loss. The political environment is possibly the least likely components in the business industry.

 In political parties the people are like minded people who work together to win elections. Most of political parties complete against each other just because they have diffirent ideology, plan for the government and for the citizens. Number of people always increases and decreases because there is socialization influences, for example, family beliefs has a big impact on what the next generation sees or beliefs in it, also, television the way people sees the political parties and the they judge them the way they talk, argue, and the way they make plan for the future and of course a plan for a better government.

In conclusion, this essay is about political parties all around the world.