Police The police officers will come up with dumb

Police believe they don’t have to respect people of color ,and think it’s okay to mistreat them instead.The officers have been discriminating people of color because they assume every African american are criminal and bad.They harass people of color just to make them  feel intimidated. The police kills innocent black people and don’t get charged guilty at all.There’s three sides of people, which is the people who get affected by it, the people who overlooks it, and the people who just don’t care. The police treat people of color differently than whites. It’s like the Jim Crow Law is happening all over again. Police would rather mistreat people of color instead of giving them equal opportunity when it comes to the law. In the Boston Globe article I found out there are sixty one percent of African Americans who believe police officers use different force tactics on them instead of whites in the same kind of scenario (Boston Globe 5). In the Boston globe article I found it there’s fifty six percent of peoples of color that applied for jobs, while fifty percent of people of color had to deal with the police ( Boston Globe 9). I don’t understand why the police would use different tactics on black, but not whites. It’s not fair for blacks or people of color in general to be set for that kind of unfair bar in society. We’re all human beings and everybody deserves to be treated the same and with equality. The police officers will come up with dumb reason, just to stop an innocent color person.They will even pull you over just to harass you for no reason and get away with it. I fear that the police is going to become the new KKK.In the article of Jim Crow Policing Bob Herbert stated,”People who object to the harassment are often threatened with arrest for disorderly conduct”( Jim Crow Policing  12). In other words Bob is saying no matter the police can harass you and you can’t do anything about it which is unfair.The Jim Crow Policing article in paragraph nine basically summarizes how police would stop people of color because they dressed like a gangster or dressed like they are suspicious of doing something ( Jim CrowPolicing 9). The police also stop people of color by the way they move shifty.I hate the fact how the police is basically judging us by the way we dress and walk. The police just know they can get away with anything, especially harassing innocent people of color for no good reason. Is it hard for the police to talk to the victim instead of shooting and killing an unarmed person of color?The police be assuming that blacks are evil and criminal.Not every single color person is bad.The.In the BBC news article I summarized what Sam Sinyangwe the researcher said was how people of color are more likely to get killed by the police more than whites ( Sam Sinyangwe 8). I was shocked because It’s true if you think about it. When a police kill a person it’s mostly black and rarely whites.Samuel Sinyangwe even question himself about the death of African Americans ( Sam Sinyangwe 6). He was basically saying,” Is this a pattern?” all around the world the police is killing unarmed black teen.If you think about it the police killed Michael Brown,Walter Scott, Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, and ,many more innocent unarmed people of color.The police don’t understand  that parents are worried for their own kids and praying to God that they kids will make it safe and not die. Well you have to understand not all cops are bad and want to kill innocent people.You close to officer Kennedy and you know he cares about you and other students.The police is not trying to segregate the blacks like the Jim Crow Law.Most police know how to think before they shoot.Police are not perfect, some police  don’t try to take a life of an innocent color person.Some police was probably was raised like that. You can’t change the way they think or how they feel. The only thing you can do is keep your opinion and I will keep mine. I feel like there’s three different kinds of people reactions towards everything about the police and how they harass, discriminate, and kill people of color.Some people get affected by it, some people just overlook it and just try to make it seem like the police didn’t do anything wrong, and some people just don’t care about what happened to people with color.The police discriminates people of color because they feel like the people of color doesn’t deserve to be treated like a human being, The police harass people of color because they know they can get away with it and just arrest the person for disorderly conduct,and the last one is police brutality all because they want to kill innocent color people that had no weapon on them at all.They killed, mostly unarmed color people because they assume those people had a weapon.Not every single color person is the same I feel like they just racial profiling us which is a shame.