Poetry rhymes and have a pattern and different type

Poetry is beautiful and spoken from the heart.

It expresses somebody’s feelings and written in different ways. It helps people see differently in things too and see a different perspective. The poems are made from people pouring out their heart into words. Poem helps people express their feelings in a beautiful way. Whether it’s for people to relate to or not, they don’t feel ashamed for expressing how they feel, it’s all about the emotion they put in it. When I see a poem, im amazed in aw or in tears because you can feel what they feel by the way they said it. Some people will relate to the beautiful poems or some will think it’s to cheesy. In addition, not all poems are supposed to be tear worthy, some are fun and funny.

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Poems are made for all different type of people. There’s two types of poetry, organic and traditional. Traditional is more of what people expect in a poem and are more listened to.

They have rhymes and have a pattern and different type of forms. For example, epic, ode, haiku, and ballad are all different forms to make a traditional form. When using traditional form, it gives it a more beautiful tone in a soft-spoken way. For example, “After she has gone, the teapot still full and warm, now empty” is a way for someone to say they’re sad for someone leaving. We also have organic which is a much different style for people who don’t want to sound poetic. It has no rules and you can write it however.

You don’t have to add rhymes nor a pattern and make it your own way. It will also have misspelled words and have bad grammar for it is organic. Type of forms for organic is free verse and concrete poetry. An example of an organic poem is, “then the god turns with a low laugh (as the leaves hush) but the eyes ice and there’s no twice; the benign gaze, upon some woe but not ours no. And the leaves rush.” As you can see, the poem has no type of rhythm or pattern and is really messy.