Plasma Used? Plasma is used to create things like

Plasma Plasma, the fourth state of matter. It is the most common state of matter. Plasma has traits like no other state of matter. It is all around us. In our phones, laptops, tvs, and game consoles. It’s also there to keep you warm. That’s right, fire is a plasma!What is Plasma? Plasma is an ionized gas which sufficient energy is provided to free electrons from atoms or molecules and allow both ions and electrons to exist at the same time. Plasma is the fourth state of matter. It is also the most common state of matter. It is seen in lightning, electronic signs, and lightbulbs.How is Plasma Created? There are many ways plasma can be created. It can created by passing ions through a gas. It can also be created by heating a gas. When ions burst through the air, plasma (lightning) is created. Another way plasma can be created by forcing to undergo a gas to a powerful electromagnetic field applied with a microwave generator.How is Plasma Used? Plasma is used to create things like lights, tvs, and signs. Plasma can also be used for heat. That heat comes from the fire in your fireplace or campfire.How is Plasma Helpful? Plasma is helpful in many ways, it keeps you warm when you are camping. It also helps you see in the dark by lighting it up. Another way plasma helps others is by entertaining people who are bored.Fun Facts on Plasma There are a lot of things you don’t know about plasma like how it creates Northern Lights. It also has many properties that no other state of matter has. Plasma is in stars including the sun which play an important role in space. Plasma affected our grandparents because a plasma flare caused all power in the U.S. to shut down for a year. Last thing is that plasma got its name from the plasma in our blood which is a different type of plasma. Plasma is all around us. It is the most common state of matter. I challenge you to count how many times you see plasma or see plasma being used in one day.