Pharmacy by physical activity status assessment that based on

Pharmacy is defined by providing services and
products as one of the healthcare profession to the public since a few decades
ago. Pharmacy
is the healthcare profession that links the health sciences with the basic
sciences. It has an important role to ensuring the safe and effective use of
medication. Pharmacists’ professional roles and responsibilities have evolved from
only focus on medication compounding and dispensing to extended pharmaceutical
care services(Azhar et al., 2009).

In Malaysia, both
prescribing and dispensing rights still lie with private physician in private
clinics so physicians’ prescriptions are preferred. The responsibilities of pharmacists
are screening, dispensing inspection, medication instruction, inpatient
pharmaceutical services and only pharmacists can dispense high-risk drugs for patient
safety measurement. Other pharmaceutical care service provided by pharmacists
include prepare total parenteral nutrition (TPN), monitor drug interactions and
side effects. Other than that pharmacists also have to inspect the patients’
hospital medical records all the time to ensure patient safety(Inoue et al., 2016).

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Pharmacist can be classified as one of the
example of white collar workers. White collar worker is a person work in an
office or other administrative setting who performs professional or
administrative skills. According to studies in Poland, physical inactivity is
monitored by physical activity status assessment that based on global
recommendations for health. Physical inactivity is one of the main risk factors
of non-communicable disease. Furthermore, physical inactivity is partly due to
insufficient participation in physical activity during leisure time and an
increase in sedentary behavior during daily activities. White-collar workers belong
to the study group are at high risk of physical inactivity compare to other
study group. Although World Health Organization (WHO) and the American College
of Sports Medicine (ACSM) promote that adequate physical activity is beneficial
for health, the physical activity status in the study group of white-collar
workers was worrying(Nawrocka, Mynarski, Cholewa, & Garbaciak, 2017).

In Malaysia, there was no study conducted on
the physical activity status of Malaysian pharmacists. Most of the study was
conduct on Malaysian adults which the physical activity status of them is also
not very promising. Other than that, the drawback of the study was it did not
include the associations between physical activity, nutritional status and
chronic diseases. From the studies, it was reported that Malaysian adult
population is considered sedentary. The sedentary behavior of the population id
due to insufficient participation in exercise and only minimal time is spent on
vigorous intensity activities, such as sports and swimming. Choice of transportation also tended
towards the passive transportation. There are also association between the
gender differences and physical activity participation. These differences could
be due to the differing nature of the men and women, as well as to the differing
lifestyle of urban and rural populations(Poh et al., 2010).

The purpose of this study was to identify the
factor affecting physical activity status of Malaysian pharmacists.