Pharmacy also from my desire to help others and

Pharmacy is considered as an interesting field that focus ondeveloping and creating medicines and drugs to the patients. There aredifferent majors related to the pharmacy, however one of the recent programs isthe Pharm D. By earning a degree in the Pharm D program, a person gains theability to discover and create new medicines, to cooperate with other doctorsin the hospital to determine a patient’s medication, besides that he/she canwork in the pharmacy store to provide the people with the treatment and theinstruction they need.

Thus, from all of that, my personalinterest in the field of pharmacy rose from the various opportunities that thismajor provides, also from my desire to help others and make the society betterand better – and thus, improving health and help them to live a healthy life-, besidesthat, this interest rooted from my concern about the details and my passion toSearch and recognize new things.               Hence, byenrolling in the Pharm D Program, I will be able to achieve my goals. I will beable to not just help others but also to benefit the whole world. For instance,being a doctor of Pharmacy will allow me to contribute with other doctors, inorder to discover treatments to those incurable diseases that people sufferfrom nowadays.

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In addition to that, as a doctor of pharmacy, I can give thepatients alternatives to their medicines due to my knowledge about the drugs’ingredients and the sides effect of each one of them. So, other doctors willnot have to worry a lot about these things (side effects…, etc.) as there issomeone specialized in this field, and thus will focus in diagnosing theillness.               Throughmy two years in the pre-pharmacy program.

I have gained a lot of techniques andinformation that will assist me in the pharm D program. So, by taking thechemistry classes, I became able to identify the various components that canform by mixing different elements and the reactions that occur as a result ofthat. These information will be the base of the idea of creating the drugs thatthe doctor of pharmacy should earn. In addition that, the chemistry labsprepared me to be a successful doctor of pharmacy.

To illustrate, these labsprovided me with the basic skills that any pharmacist needs such as the accuracy,the cautious and the speed. Having the biology courses also, enable me torecognize the systems of the body and the function of each of the organs. Additionally,from the microbiology I learned the names of popular diseases and the bacteriaor viruses that caused it.

All of these Classes made me prepared for othertopics and information that related to the Pharm D major.              In my future career, I want toexperience the different tasks that doctor of Pharmacy can perform. This willallow me to get various skills and to be knowledgeable of all the aspects ofthe Pharm D jobs. Despite to that, my main focus will be in searching and cooperatingwith other doctors to find new medications to certain diseases.